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Vaagana Poriyalar 2030 – Ramachandran S (PGSEM 2009) & Shankar Venugopal (EGMP 2011)

About the Book

One of the main causes of environmental pollution is road traffic. Due to the increasing number of vehicles, the environment is affected by the exhaust fumes from the vehicles. Battery powered vehicles were invented to solve this problem. All over the world, vehicles are becoming battery-powered. Battery vehicles completely avoid smoke, noise etc. In a few years, battery-powered vehicles will be ubiquitous around the world. This book is a collection of articles published in the name of Mobility Engineer published in Motor Vehicle, explaining the need and method of manufacturing battery vehicles. The production methods of battery vehicles, the need for safe battery production, the charging station system, the expectations of consumers in battery vehicles… This book explains all the things of battery vehicles in the form of stories through five characters in a simple way. This book is a great guide for anyone interested in battery vehicles that save the environment and make commuting easier!

About the Author

Consultant, author, speaker, @ Infosys Knowledge Institute – for thought leadership, PoVs in applying emerging technologies for manufacturing systems, supply chain management, innovation, product development providing in-depth research, analysis, insights and best practices.

– co-author, “Neoskilling for Digital Transformation” with Prof L Prasad, Wiley India, Jan 2019

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Ram Ke Path Par – Vikrant Pande, PGP 2002

About the Book

Vikrant Pande and Neelesh Kulkarni’s quest to retrace the trail of Rama’s fabled travels during his years in exile began with their trying to locate Chitrakoot on the map and realizing that they had little idea where it might be. Curious about the places mentioned in the Ramayana, they set off on a journey of their own, following Rama’s route from Ayodhya to the Dandakaranya forest and Panchavati (near Nashik) and on to Kishkindhya (close to Hampi), Rameshwaram and Sri Lanka. Along the way they would discover how closely the narrative of the Ramayana is linked to local folklore, and how the stories of the Ramayana and the moral framework that binds them together still speaks to the people who live in the land across which Rama, Sita and Lakshman made their journey. For the armchair traveller as well as the enthusiast for epic tales, this is a wonderful book with which to revisit the world of the Ramayana.

About the Author

Vikrant Pande has translated twelve Marathi bestsellers into English. His translation of Girish Kuber’s book Tatayan (The Tatas: How a Family Built a Business and a Nation) won the prestigious Gaja Capital Best Business Book award in 2019. His book on the history of State Bank of India The SBI StoryTwo Centuries of Banking (2021) has been received well. He has translated and written original pieces for Storytel, an audio book company. Vikrant is a graduate of IIM Bangalore, and a full-time writer now.

Neelesh Kulkarni is a management graduate from the Faculty of Management, Delhi University, who quit the corporate world in 1985 to start his own company, which he still runs. He is a theatre and voiceover artist with over fifty years of experience, an avid reader and traveller, a poet, a cricket commentator and a public-speaking coach. He lives in Delhi with his artist wife.

Subha Pande is a multilingual translator and has translated Kaajal Oza Vaidya’s Krishnayan into English (Eka, 2021), Kavita Kane’s Sita’s Sister and Fisher Queen’s Dynasty into Hindi. She has also translated six novellas and a short story collection by Sivasankari into English. Subha is also a certified yoga instructor. She lives in Vadodara with her writer husband, Vikrant Pande.

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Business Strategy Demystified: A Practitioner’s Guide – Rohit Chaturvedi, PGP 2003

About the Book

In today’s dynamic business landscape, where uncertainty is the only constant, staying ahead of the competition demands a deep understanding of the external and internal forces shaping companies. From navigating market opportunities and threats to deciphering economic fluctuations, environmental changes, and their financial ramifications, business leaders must analyse a wide array of inputs and make sense for the betterment of their businesses. A well-thought-out strategy provides a very solid framework to reduce the amount of noise and it also removes the wheat from chafe. However, strategy as a subject has become pedantic and there is a lack of suitable literature for practitioners that can help them appreciate the impact of strategy for their organisation.

To fill the gap, “Sensing Business” offers a valuable resource for business leaders, startup founders, students of business strategy, and management consultants. This book, devoid of jargon and complexity, delves into the core principles of business strategy, providing practical insights that bridge the gap between theory and real-world application.

The book’s approach is practical and action-oriented. It draws from academic concepts and extensive research but distils them into actionable frameworks. The easy-to-understand language allows readers to analyse businesses effectively and formulate strategies with confidence.

Key features

Clarity on Strategy: Chapter 1 sets the stage by defining strategy and distinguishing it from mere planning or tactics. It also outlines the strategic formulation process, emphasizing its significance.

Three Key Sections: The book is structured

into three vital sections, each corresponding to a step in the strategy development and implementation process:

  • Strategic Analysis (Chapters 2-11): This section provides a systematic approach to external and internal strategic analysis.
  • Strategy Formulation (Chapters 12-24): It covers the formulation of overall and functional area strategies, including the concept of “Strategic Thrust.”
  • Strategy Implementation (Chapters 25-27): While not a detailed discussion, it offers tools and considerations for practitioners in the implementation process.

This book is designed to serve as a practical handbook for professionals, offering structured guidance on strategic thinking and decision-making. It provides a toolkit for systematically assessing external factors, internal resources, and competencies, developing strategic visions, and making well-informed choices aligned with that vision.

“Sensing Business” is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but it equips readers with a set of versatile tools and resources to navigate the complexities of business strategy effectively. It’s a compass in the turbulent sea of business, guiding leaders to sense new markets, anticipate economic shifts, harness internal strengths, and drive growth and success.

We believe this book will be a valuable asset to anyone looking to enhance their organization’s performance and rise above the competition. Your journey to strategic excellence begins here.

About the Author

Rohit Chaturvedi is an accomplished consulting professional with over two decades of extensive experience in transport, logistics, infrastructure finance, mobility, and technology. An alumnus of the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, Rohit holds a PGDM (MBA) and is also a qualified Electronics Engineer. His career is marked by significant achievements, including the successful launch of a mobility solution for India’s second-largest cement player and the establishment of a business consulting vertical in logistics and infrastructure finance at CRISIL Limited from inception.

As a strategic thinker and leader, Rohit has built businesses and founded the award-winning IoT startup, TransportHub. His contributions at KPMG in creating intellectual property and being ranked among the top 50 applicants for the Fellowship in the India Australia Institute further accentuate his diverse skill set and accomplishments.

Rohit’s professional journey includes impactful roles such as the Advisor – Lead, New Initiatives at Essar, where he worked closely with senior management on high-impact supply chain and logistics opportunities.

In his current venture as the Founder of RC & Co since 2020, Rohit partners with leading consulting firms, delivering consulting assignments with CXOs and promoters of large companies. His efforts are currently focused on assisting the business leaders appreciate the strategic impact of cutting edge technology on their businesses and helping them cut the clutter.

With a strong business acumen and a wide network of CXOs and founders, Rohit has been a pivotal member of the National Logistics Committee at FICCI, influencing policies across multiple countries. His recognized expertise as a speaker and writer on top-tier platforms showcases his profound grasp of technology trends and thought leadership.

Rohit’s key skills include business development, strategic technology application, thought leadership, P&L management, team development, and strategic business advisory. He is known for his result-driven approach and ability to manage and expand tech and consulting practices, delivering invaluable advice and influencing policies worth millions of dollars.

Based in Mumbai, Rohit Chaturvedi remains a prominent figure in the fields of strategy, business, and technology consulting, continually contributing to the industry with his vast knowledge and innovative strategies.

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