Book Release

Introduction To Indian Knowledge System: Concepts and Applications – Dr. B Mahadevan

Described as “an idea whose time has come”, the book introduces concepts and applications of Indian Knowledge Systems to students of Science & Engineering in a way they can relate, appreciate and explore further

A book, titled “Introduction to Indian Knowledge System: Concepts and Applications”, co-authored by Professor B Mahadevan, has been released.

A Professor of Operations Management at IIM Bangalore, Dr Mahadevan’s research interests include researching the possibility of using ancient Indian wisdom to address contemporary concerns, spirituality in the work place, and management paradigms from Bhagavad Gita. In the traditional areas of management, his research interests include design of service systems in customer co-creation of value and order allocation issues in electronic markets. Professor Mahadevan was the Founder-Vice Chancellor of Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, a University for applied Sanskrit and Indian Wisdom during 2016 – 2018.

About the Book:

This textbook is a culmination of multiple efforts of the authors to fill in the gap for offering a required course on Indian Knowledge System (IKS), recently mandated by AICTE. Moreover, the New Education Policy (NEP) has also provided a clear trajectory for imparting IKS in the higher education curriculum, necessitating a book of this kind in several higher education institutions in the country in the days to come. The book seeks to introduce the epistemology and ontology of IKS to the Engineering and Science students in a way they can relate, appreciate and explore further should there be a keen interest in the matter. After a brief section on the key concepts of IKS, the remaining part of the book traces IKS and brings out the applications. After a formal and concise introduction to IKS, the book provides certain foundational concepts applicable across all domains of Science and Engineering. These form the second part. The Science applications are laid out in Part 3, Engineering applications in Part 4 and other important topics in the final part of the book.

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