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Managing Arts in Times of Pandemics and Beyond

About the Author

This book seeks to approach arts organizations in India and abroad from a management perspective, against the backdrop of COVID-19 and in the light of the advances made by digital technologies such as blockchains. It follows a case-based approach by taking a closer look at eight arts organizations drawn from USA, Canada, Japan, India, and Russia. A special chapter is devoted to the cultural and arts policies of India, USA, Japan, Canada, and Russia. The chapter on economics seeks to apply the principles of managerial economics to arts organisations. Also discussed is a methodological approach for classifying arts organizations in terms of their organizational processes. The book can be of immense utility to both serving and prospective managers of arts organizations.

About the Author

Professor Damodaran has been faculty with the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore since 2005. He has held academic assignments at the United Nations University in Japan, the Wageningen University in the Netherlands, the St Petersburg University in Russia, the Manitoba University in Canada and the University of Bonn in Germany. As an Obama – Singh Scholar in Residence at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, he worked on the policy dimensions of the heritage arts of India. Damodaran has also published on the economic and policy implications of heritage tags on classical performing arts as well as on related managerial themes pertaining to arts organisations. His ”creative sustainability” initiative is a syncretic effort to conceive art forms in terms of their bearings on sustainability. Apart from the lessons emanating from this initiative, the book also carries cases of art forms pertaining to countries where he held academic assignments.

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