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करावलम्बनम् (Karāvalambanam) – Dr. V Srinidhi, Ph.D. 2018

About the Book

Karāvalambanam, meaning hand holding, is a unique book designed to help modern students and seekers explore the intricacies, profundity, beauty, and sophistication of the Saṃskṛta language. The authors’ backgrounds in modern knowledge systems, combined with their passion for teaching and learning Saṃskṛta make the approach of the book contemporary and functional. 

Karāvalambanam covers all the important concepts of Saṃskṛta grammar, ranging from Varṇamālā to Vākyārthavimarśa. The book has numerous examples, tables, graphics, and illustrations that make learning more accessible and enjoyable. With its comprehensive coverage and engaging presentation, this book is sure to inspire a lifelong pursuit of engaging with the language. 

This book is suited for those who wish to develop a strong foundation in Saṃskṛta and apply it to understand the original works. The book can be a trusted guide, in the long journey of Saṃskṛta studies, as one discovers the rigour and sophistication of the language.

About the Authors

Dr Sridhar Subbanna holds a BE in computer science and a PhD in Samskrita. He has worked with leading technology companies while learning Samskrita and Shastras from renowned traditional scholars. In his doctoral thesis, Dr Sridhar has explored the similarities between Panini’s Asthadhyayi and computational sciences. He later developed a novel method to teach Samskrita based on the Paninian approach and has trained hundreds of students in this method.

He has established Vidyasvam, a platform for learning traditional knowledge systems. Vidyasvam is currently offering courses on foundational Sanskrit for modern-educated professionals and students in higher education. He is also a member of the founding team of  Pūrṇapramati, an alternative school in Bengaluru that is attempting to integrate Indic knowledge systems with mainstream learning. 

Dr V. Srinidhi is an MBBS from Bangalore Medical College and a PhD in Public Policy from IIM Bangalore. His primary interests are integrative medicine, health policy and systems research. He has also worked in medical education, knowledge translation, respectful maternity care and digital health. 

Dr Srinidhi has been a student of Sanskrit literature and the Dvaita School of Vedanta for over two decades under various traditional scholars and Swamijis. Passionate in manuscriptology,  he has collected and edited over ten unpublished manuscripts from the Dvaita tradition and published them from many research institutes and Mathas. Dr Srinidhi is also a member of the founding team of Pūrṇapramati. He is also active in the research activities of Udupi Sri Bhandarakeri Matha.

The book is currently available on the Vidyasvam website. You can place your orders directly on the website.

How Business Storytelling Works: Increase Your Influence and Impact – Sandeep Das, PGP 2009

About the Book

Why are you alive today and reading this book?
How will you, a corporate professional, be relevant in the future?

The #1 answer to both is storytelling.
Business storytelling is the #1 skill you need to succeed in your professional lives amidst all the noise, competition and massive technological disruption. In this book, Sandeep looks at human evolution, behavioural psychology and the world of movies to identify the golden principles of storytelling.
Whether you are a corporate professional, an entrepreneur, a tech guru, a marketer, a strategy consultant, a social media influencer or a student, the book tells you how to succeed in the REAL world. Sandeep brings in nuggets from his numerous storytelling workshops at leading corporates and business schools, and intersperses it with illustrations and hordes of popular culture references, making the book
as engaging as a good story. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the checkout counter.

About the Author

The author, Sandeep Das, has done his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB) and schooling from Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Bangalore.

His debut book titled “Yours Sarcastically” was inspired by an actual job assignment to interview 60 size zero South Bombay women. “Yours Sarcastically” got rave reviews and was featured on leading newspapers and magazines like the Times of India, Business World, Hindu, Asian Age and CNN IBN. It was nominated for the Crossword Economist Book Award.

He is a columnist with Business World. He is a keen debater and has won laurels nationally and internationally. He represented his college at the Asian Debate in Malaysia where he finished as a quarter finalist and was awarded the “Best Rookie”.

The book is available on all Amazon and leading e-commerce platforms.

Police in Blunderland – Bibhuti Dash

About the Book

Telling it like it is. By a cop, about cops and Policing – and a few other things. So, is the book all about a brave new world or fire and- brimstone? Is it all bravery or cowardice-and corruption? Is it a tell-all? Is it glorifying the service or lampooning it? Maybe, it’s all that, in parts … but, it’s also about finding something to laugh at in the direst situations and the grimmest events. And compassion. And a certain detached nonchalance while “looking death in the eye” – on the professional and the personal front. BIBHUTI DASH graduated from HinduCollege, Delhi and went on to do an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore before joining the Indian Police Service after a few years in the corporate sector. Later, he also completed Master in Public Management split between National University of Singapore and Harvard University and Master of Philosophy from Indian Institute of Public Administration, Delhi. Dash superannuated as Director General of Police. He writes about his life experiences, incidents and experiences gathered in his jobs which included Policing, corporate career and United Nations deputations, social and societal issues and anything which lends itself to a lighter take within a serious or not-so-serious paradigm. His articles have been published in leading newspaper op-eds.

The book is available on all Amazon and leading e-commerce platforms.