Book Releases

14 Stories and One Rogue Paperback, M GopaKumar Menon PGP 1991

14 Stories and One Rogue is a book of fifteen delightful stories of everyday life, journeys, experiences, transactions, taunts, acquaintances, connections and friendships; some transient, others deep and vibrant. With humour, that is gentle and evocative, the stories in this collection offer an insight into the diverse, lively and, at times, the puzzling world we live in. 

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IT Killed Capitalism. Thank You Mr. Gates: Embrace the Eternal Deflation – The New World Order by Prakash Jagannathan, PGP 1977

“Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone.”
― John Maynard Keynes

Thus spoke Keynes. The context made him concede that at least for another 100 years we have to accept ‘Foul’ is fair and ‘Fair’ is useless. He said this in 1930. We are close to the end of those 100 years, so `Foul’ and `Fair’ must take their rightful positions in the dictionary. A handful of the super-rich in the world, the wickedest of men who, using crafty narratives, managed to do the wickedest things and exploit the whole of humanity, managed to keep the vast majority of people in abject poverty. However, due to their bad luck or maybe some sorcery played by Keynes, the rich got excessively greedy and that turned them into Basmasuras. Lord Vishnu, like he took the form of Mohini to burn and destroy Basmasura, took the form of Information Technology (IT) to burn and destroy the super-rich, which he achieved by the year 2015. It may be a different matter if some of the modern Basmasuras still think they can be active. Passage of time will put them in their place. 

No one knows what shape the new world will take. In this book, based on a logical projection of what exists today, I have given my prognosis, in the concluding chapter, of what the new world will look like. My crystal ball says that it will be a beautiful world. Thathastu!

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