Book Releases

Girish Krishna , alumnus from PGP 2017 batch has written a book  titled”Mystical Warfare of Schools – The Dark Rises’ The book’s genre is childhood fantasy (fiction). It has a lot of mystical and imaginative elements in it. Also, this is the first part of the series. The number of pages is ~130.

Blurb: Jake is constantly disturbed by strange dreams that trouble him. With his friends’ support, Jake fights all the obstacles to follow his repetitive dreams. In the process of exploring and finding out the true purpose behind his dreams, Jake joins a school and encounters various strange and mystical phenomena. Will Jake find out his purpose in this magical world? Will his tricks and maneuvers succeed in the bigger plan?

Amazon link for the book:

About the author:

Born in Chennai, Girish has completed his management degree from IIM Bangalore and belongs to PGP 15-17 batch. He has also pursued Mechanical Engineering from NIT Trichy. He likes to think creatively and loves to share suspense-filled, vividly imaginative stories. As a budding author, he welcomes readers into his mind to experience mystery and fantasy. He draws inspiration from a lot of stories and characters that he came across since his childhood. He plans to write a lot of books in the future to entertain the readers.


Two chapters of the book titled”Management consultancy through an academic and practitioner perspective” have been authored by Hanumantha Potharaju and Dr KV Subramaniam, both are alumnus from  FPM (81-86).


Stan Sthanunathan, PGP 1985 has  co-authored a book on ” AI for Marketing and Product Innovation”

About the book:

Get on board the next massive marketing revolution AI for Marketing and Product Innovation offers creatives and marketing professionals a non-tech guide to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)–twin technologies that stand poised to revolutionize the way we sell. The future is here, and we are in the thick of it; AI and ML are already in our lives every day, whether we know it or not. The technology continues to evolve and grow, but the capabilities that make these tools world-changing for marketers are already here–whether we use them or not. This book helps you lean into the curve and take advantage of AI’s unparalleled and rapidly expanding power. More than a simple primer on the technology, this book goes beyond the “what” to show you the “how” How do we use AI and ML in ways that speak to the human spirit? How to we translate cold technological innovation into creative tools that forge deep human connections? Written by a team of experts at the intersection of neuroscience, technology, and marketing, this book shows you the ins and outs of these groundbreaking technological tools. Understand AI and ML technology in layman’s terms Harness the twin technologies unparalleled power to transform marketing Learn which skills and resources you need to use AI and ML effectively Employ AI and ML in ways that resonate meaningfully with customers Learn practical examples of how to reinvest product innovation, brand building, targeted marketing and media measurement to connect with people and enhance ROI Discover the true impact of AI and ML from real-world examples, and learn the thinking, best practices, and metrics you need to capture this lightning and take the next massive leap in the evolution of customer connection. AI for Marketing and Product Innovation shows you everything you need to know to get on board.