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Scaling Start-ups: The Challenges, Pitfalls & Strategies by Raj Raman, PGP 1986

Amongst the many interactions I have had with founders of start-ups, were a plethora of rationale for getting into the venture.

1. “I want to be a billionaire in 3 years”
2. “Its a unique idea. No one else could have thought of it.”
3. “The job scene was pathetic. So decided to do this.”
4. “My friends were all into it. I thought I had better scores than them in college. soshouls be able to do it better.”
5. “My father said he would back me if I decided to do a business. So jumped into it.”
6. “I have worked in this space for 20 years. so know everything there is to know about this business. So most suited.”

Got me thinking and decided to track trends and outcomes. Interesting observations.

Know more about this in my new book.

About the Book:

“Running out of cash” and “not the right team” are amongst the top three reasons for start-up failures. A quick look down the line of reasons shows that the causes are very often related to execution and not the idea itself! It is not so much just the idea being non-scalable and of commercial value, but also about pragmatic business processes and leadership, which sets apart the successful enterprises that emerge from the fragile start-up ecosystem. 

‘Scaling Start-ups – The Challenges, Pitfalls and Strategies’ takes a very insightful look at all such potential errors and offers simple, pithy and pragmatic options of identifying them, successfully avoiding them, and possible ways of addressing them to significantly increase the probability of success. It aims to enable promoters, founders, entrepreneurs and the fledging teams, to better appreciate and deal with the nuances of the environment realities, organization building, business management, leadership conundrums, regulatory strictures, capital raising and personal development. 

All this, presented in a simple, short and succinct manner, makes it an engrossing read!!

About the Author:

An industry veteran with over 27 years of experience, an Engineer and an MBA from IIM Bangalore, Raj (PGP 1986) has been associated with a wide range of successful companies like Asian Paints, Marico, GE, AIG, Fullerton and HIRCO. Raj has served in CXO, CEO positions over the last 15 years, and been a member on the Board for a few of these Organizations, and continues to do so. Raj brings a great wealth of Business Strategy and Management, Marketing and Market insights on the online and offline fronts as well, and uses his in-depth expertise, in creating strong Businesses and Revenue Models from New Concepts for Products and Services, to enable SMEs to successfully manage their growth and global ambitions.

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Age Of Pandemics (1817-1920): How they shaped India and the World by Dr. Chinmay Tumbe, FPM 2012

About the Book:

From lockdowns to lockups, viruses to vaccination, the movement of people to the movement of bowels, from rats to cats, and more, The Age of Pandemics chronicles the many facets of the cholera, plague and influenza pandemics, which claimed over 70 million lives between 1817 and 1920, with India being the epicentre in all these episodes.

The book argues that the period between the early nineteenth century to the early twentieth century – an age otherwise known for the worldwide spread of the industrial revolution, imperialism and globalization – was also the ‘age of pandemics’. It documents the scale of devastation, the likely causes and consequences, and the resilience with which people faced those pandemics.

The book also provides the first comprehensive coverage of the world’s greatest demographic disaster ever to descend upon a country in a short period of time – the influenza pandemic in India in 1918, which claimed more lives than all the battle casualties of World War I. And it shows the continuing relevance of learning from those times to tackle contemporary challenges, such as COVID-19.

About the Author:

Chinmay Tumbe is passionate about migration, cities and history, and is currently a faculty member at IIM Ahmedabad. He is an alumnus of the London School of Economics and Political Science, and IIM Bangalore, and has been a faculty member at TISS, Hyderabad. He was a 2013 Jean Monnet Fellow at the Migration Policy Centre, European University Institute, Florence, and the 2018 Alfred D. Chandler Jr International Visiting Scholar in Business History at Harvard Business School. He has published widely on migration for a decade and has served on policy making groups. His first book, India Moving: A History of Migration, was published in 2018.

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