Dairies of A Desperate DML

Are you a management ‘nerd’?

Was I a nerd?

Dear Diary,

I must confess this to someone – for now it is you.

I was and am a Management “Nerd”.

How can one tell if you are a Management Nerd? There is no conclusive way except a psychometric test.

However it can’t be self rated – because that will bias it. It can’t be peer rated because a true nerd has no peers (he’s pegged himself with the professors)

So it’s a mix perhaps – best to “Design Think” this and put it out there. So using some Cosmo-inspired language, here goes


I was and am a Management “Nerd.

Are you one too? Here are seven signs – see how many apply.

  1. Did you attend lectures you miss in another section (even without getting attendance – because you already have plenty).
  1. Nerds are who you spot in the Library on your 1 am walk with that elusive A block girl. (You were the person in the library, not the one with the girl – just clarifying)
    (IF you just imagined being in the library WITH that girl, think no further – you score this one)
  1. Nerds have familiarity with some subjects pre-MBA and they use it abundantly to participate in class and score.
    (This has to be verified with your peers because class participation is melody when its in your own voice and tragedy when it is in someone else’s)
  1. Nerds love professors (sometimes more than our batchmates) and hang out with them discussing subjects. Do you still bond over some subject matter with some profs?
  1. Nerds keep re-opening conversations to take it ‘deeper’ even when the whole group is groaning, saturated and done with the assignment. (This can only be answered by your inner voice – the group has probably left you)
  1. Unfortunately, some of the yummiest stuff goes to the nerds – the best internships, names in some lists that hardly matter, medals and interaction opportunities.
    (This one you can realise only if you MISSED those opportunities – else you WERE the nerd with the privilege)
  1. Your friends circle is generally small (and often made of other fellow nerds who aggregate in some block whose average grade is at least 1 point more than the surrounding blocks).
    Where did you live? And was it the nerd-district of the campus then?
  2. BONUS TIE BREAKER : Did Porter and Prahlad interest you more than Porn and Placements?

Hehe….in case you are a management nerd, please write to the Alumni office – and join me in co-writing the Dark Diaries of a Desperate DML.

Together, we shall be a cicada society of RGs in a whole new way.



Abhishek Thakore

PGP 2005

Blue Ribbon Movement