Effective Business Communication – Online MOOC course by Prof. Bringi Dev and Rakesh Godhwani

“Every year, GMAC survey lists oral and written communication as one of the top skills that recruiters want in graduating students. Considering an organization is a group of individuals with a common goal, this is not surprising at all. The ability to communicate effectively plays an important role in achieving the goal. Functional skills are important but only up to a certain extent; it is primarily leadership and communication skills that set one apart from the others.

In a business scenario, communication includes written letters, summaries, and emails. Clear communication skills are needed for impactful oral presentations in front of an audience. Even everyday practices like participating in meetings and managing interpersonal communication are key to achieving long and short-term business goals.

 This course on Business Communication, by Professor Bringi Dev and Rakesh Godhwani,(Both of them are proud alumni of IIMB) will help you improve your communication skills in a professional setting. The course begins on September 6, 2018. Enrol now!



Bringi Dev                                                                                                                         Rakesh Godhwani

Professor of Practice & Chairperson,                                                     Adjunct Professor of Communication

Centre for Management Communication                                             Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

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