FPM Bids Farewell to AO Anjali G S

Administrative Officer Anjali G S retired from the FPM office at the end of the last month. Remembered fondly by staff and students alike for her endless enthusiasm and endearing smile, her presence will be sorely missed by the IIMB Campus.

FPM Students of various batches with AO Anjali G S

Below are some testimonies provided by the FPM students for “Anjali Ma’am”:

I want to thank Anjali Ma’am for her support and guidance throughout my FPM journey. Whenever there was a problem we would go to her. Her patient hearing would solve half the issue. We always looked up to her as a motherly figure. We will always remember her. When we will look back at our FPM journeys in the future, no discussion will be complete without mentioning her name. Thanks Ma’am for beautifying our memories with your smile!

– Ankur Jain (FPM 2013)

Thank You Anjali ma’am for being there for all of us FPMs through the ups and downs of this journey!

– Kiran K (FPM 2011)

We will really miss you and your beatific smile….it was always so reassuring to talk to you and share the small and big happenings in our life.

– Shobha Tewari (FPM 2013)

Your biggest contribution has not just been ensuring the smooth functioning of the FPM office, but also bringing your positive attitude to the office. Thank you for your support to FPM students.

– Kishore Gangwani (FPM 2011)

It has been a wonderful experience for me to get associated with Anjali Ma’am in these 2 years.I wish her all the very best in the “2nd Innings of Life”. Hope she will find some time now to spend with her family & near and dear ones. One thing to learn from her is how to “Discharge the duties and responsibilities , always with a Smiling Face”. Her helpful nature and genuine concern (for students) has helped the FPM student community of IIM Bangalore immensely.

– Nabendu Paul (FPM 2016)

She is really a wonderful person, who works from her heart most of the time. My stomach was upset during my defense. Just 10 minutes before the presentation, she came running for me towards the canteen, gave some home remedy for me, and kept checking on me through out. I couldn’t thank her enough.

– Snigdha Manukonda (FPM 2012)

Anjali Mam was always very helpful, despite being very busy. She helped us navigate, and always with a smile! I don’t recall ever seeing her angry.

– Vivek (FPM 2013)