FPM, PGPPM and MPEFB 1st batch Alumni Meet

When the IIMB Doctorates met!

As the season of reunions continued, the FPM alumni of IIMB across batches gathered to catch up on old memories and their happy moments of learning journey. They gathered at the campus for a quick breakfast and drove down to our new campus and planted a sapling to mark their celebration! They were accompanied by the Prof Raghuram- Director, Dean Administration- Prof Narasimhan & Head Alumni- Parthasarathy who briefed them about the progress of the new campus and how they can contribute to the same. The alumni and families who returned to campus made this a truly memorable weekend

FPM Alumni meet on 6th Jan 2019

The FPM reunion was all about meeting old friends, making new ones and of course a time to laugh, celebrate and rejoice!


The PGPPM alumni of IIMB meet was held on Saturday 19th January at the India International Center, New Delhi. The key note speech was delivered by Dr.Hasmukh Adhia- former Finance Secretary and Revenue Secretary, Member of Board of Governors, IIM Bangalore on the topic “Challenges and Opportunities in Fast Tracking the Indian Economy”.

PGPPM Alumni meet in New Delhi on 19th January,

Prof. Raghuram, Director, Prof.Kumar, Dean Alumni Relations & Development and Prof. Sankarshan Basu,chairperson of PGPPM were present. Around 15 alumni attended the meet to discuss how the programme has paved them new opportunities and has helped them look at new ways of handling government aids and laws.

As PGPPM alumni occupy senior positions in different ministries of the Government, they shared their insights on how the programme helped them in improving efficiency and leadership skills among policy-makers and administrators while exposing them to issues in management.


MPEFB 1st Batch of Alumni

Alumni meet of MPEFB 1st batch was held on 02nd Feb 2019 in campus. Around 15 alums had come for the meet. The event began with a talk by Prof. Raghuram, Director followed by Prof. Kumar, Dean Alumni & Development briefing regarding the recent developments and how alumni can engage with institute.