Hangout with Alums: Nishant Sahay, PGP 2016

The second session in the Hangout with Alums series featured the domain of ‘Finance’ as its theme. Hangout with Alums is a series of interactive sessions by the Student Alumni Committee featuring recent IIMB alumni from different domains of business such as Consulting, Marketing, Finance, General Management, and Product Management, where the speakers share insights regarding careers in their chosen sector, along with valuable advice on how to prepare for entering these sectors.

Nishant Sahay

Mr. Nishant Sahay, an alumnus, PGP 2014-16 batch, IIM Bangalore, and Vice President, Equities Securitized Structuring at Goldman Sachs. Mr. Nishant maintained an interactive theme throughout the session, spending most of the time addressing the audience’s queries. He covered various subdomains in finance & suggested how to develop the required skill sets to enter these fields. He clarified that prior professional experience or academic background does not affect one’s success prospects in this field. He emphasized the importance of perseverance & careful planning of the initial phase of a career to build an effective profile for opportunities in the financial sector.

The attendees highly commended the session, who found it extremely helpful and left the session with better clarity of prospects & required action plan for a successful career in this field.