IIMB Covid Warriors

Dear Fellow Alumni,

As you are all aware India has been hit hugely by the second wave of Covid with much more severity and rage. India faces a shortage of medical facilities and medicine. Many IIMB alumni are actively engaged with providing relief during these times and doing their bit for the nation and society.

We urge you to please come forward and be a part of this drive in any way possible.


Lsquare Team, IIMBAA


As you are aware, the Covid crisis in India has led to a staggering shortage of health-related supplies. The clearly identified, verified and urgent need, as of now, is oxygen-liquid oxygen tanks, oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders.

A group of like-minded alumni from IIMB is fundraising to help procure, ship and distribute these resources. The funds will be contributed to India Covid Response Fund (icrf.giveindia.org) who is driving a huge procurement initiative, especially for oxygen concentrators. The Fund has stellar leadership and governance teams (https://icrf.giveindia.org/team) including chairperson of IIMB Dr. Devi Shetty, past chairperson Mrs. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw and our fellow alum Karan Bhagat.

Please support and contribute to the fundraiser so that, together, we can together fight this pandemic that is overwhelming our country.

Please pledge your support, and donate now at https://fundraisers.giveindia.org/api/links/Pi7ltnvrAr.

IIMB Alumni Association Dubai Chapter joins hands with NGOs to supply 1000 oxygen concentrators

The IIM Bangalore Alumni Association (IIMBAA) Dubai Chapter, along with other professionals, has launched a mission to supply 1000 oxygen concentrators (OCs) across India. The OCs will be distributed through B2B channels.

The IIM Bangalore alumni engaged in this mission include IMBAA Dubai Chapter Director Kamal Jain, alumnus of the Advanced Management Programme (AMP), and Amit Jain, who runs a distress investment fund.

The group has partnered with various B2B delivery channels and NGOs to supply these OCs on a ‘no-profit’ basis. They are collecting funds from their networks for these OCs which can be reused. Once they recover the cost from the nominal rentals paid by the families (three to six months), they will repay the investments of these OCs to the funders and donate these OCs to the hospitals across India for further use. Thus contributing to their efforts to fight the pandemic, the group wants to ensure optimum utilization of the OCs, so that unitedly the COVID chain can be broken.

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IIMBAA Singapore sends 100 Oxygen Concentrators to India

IIMBAA Singapore in a covid relief drive collected 1 cr INR and have managed to send 100 oxygen concentrators of 10 l capacity, to India through Moglix. These concentrators were sent in 2 shipments and were received at Bangalore for distribution.

The entire funds were collected in a matter of 2-3 days in a vigorous exercise. IIMBAA Singapore was quick to take initiative and work through the process very efficiently.

Mr. Venkat Nott, Mr. Anand Ramchandran and Mr. Rahul Singh from IIMBAA Singapore chapter can be contacted for details or assistance required for similar drives.

IIMBAA Singapore and Alumni are also working on other similar initiatives like PIIMA for Red Cross Society, SUMO with Milaap.

Vishwajhanani takes new initiative in second COVID Wave

Vishwajhanani Trust, and NGO working for women’s welfare in Bangalore has taken a new initiative in this second COVID wave.

To mitigate the suffering of poor people desperately looking for hospital beds and ICUs for ailing relatives, Vishwajhanani has opened a ‘COVID Isolation Centre’ in Bangalore’s Ram Murthy Nagar. This Centre provides initial covid care, Oxygen administration and medication to early stage COVID patients. It also provides counselling to the patients and their relatives, thereby reducing panic and desperation.It achieves two objectives; To reduce the load on hospitals and to treat the patients with milder symptoms without the need for hospitalisation.

Established on 20th April 21, this centre has treated 42 patients so far, including 18 women and 4 children. Some patients needing oxygen have also been treated and recovered.

Vishwajhanani is run by IIM Bangalore alumnus, Col Prasanna Kumar, along with Rotarian Sunitha Raghav, both Trustees of the NGO, with generous help of volunteers from other social organisations active in North Bangalore.

People and companies can support this initiative by making a small monetary contribution and make a difference in people’s lives. Bank account details are available on their website www.vishwajhanani.org.in 

RightWalk Foundation with Breathe India

“As the number of Covid cases started spiraling in April, the demand for Oxygen also went up. Realizing the need, our first step was to quickly finalize suppliers of oxygen concentrators. Our consignments from China and Turkey will be reaching soon”, said Ms. Samina Bano, Founder & CEO of RightWalk Foundation.

RightWalk’s collaboration with ‘Breathe India’ an initiative by IIT-Kanpur alumni raising funds to supply free oxygen in Delhi and U.P, has been effective in accumulating funds, and procuring OCs from across the world.

We thank the industrious bunch from IIT-Kanpur and our donors for their unwavering support and trust in our Covid relief campaign 2021.

Donate at bit.ly/RWFcovidUP to join our efforts.