IIMB Alumni Life Fest: Journey Beyond Mileposts

On the beautiful morning of October 29, 2023, the lush green campus of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, came alive with the vibrancy and enthusiasm of alumni from across the globe. As part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of this esteemed institution, the Alumni Life Fest was a half-day event that brought together IIMB alumni, faculty, and students in a joyous celebration of 50 years of excellence in management education.

The theme of the event, “IIMB Golden Jubilee Alumni Life Fest: Journey Beyond Mileposts,” encapsulated the essence of the day. It was a celebration of the holistic growth of individuals, emphasizing that life is more than just professional success. The fest featured a diverse range of tracks, each offering unique insights and experiences for all attendees.

Mr. Parthasarathy, an alumnus from the PGP class of 1994, currently holding the position of the Head of the EEP office at IIMB and formerly serving as the Head of the Alumni Relations & Development Office, was the distinguished chief guest at the event. During his address to the audience, he highlighted the extraordinary odysseys of IIMB alumni. These alumni have leveraged their management education and corporate expertise to venture into unconventional domains, ardently treading paths less traveled in fields ranging from art, music, social impact, and spirituality, to politics, and beyond.

IIMB Authors: Beyond Boardrooms

The day commenced with the IIMB Author Insights segment, aptly titled “IIMB Authors: Beyond Boardrooms.” Esteemed alumni authors, including Rajesh Srivastava (PGP 1985), Bhaswar Mukherjee (PGP 1988), Sandeep Das (PGP 2009), Sibichen Mathew (PGPPM 2006), and Tony Francis (EGMP 9), who had seamlessly transitioned from the corporate world to the realm of literature, generously shared their incredible journeys. Their narratives brimmed with motivation, recounting the personal challenges they had faced and the transformative influence of storytelling on their lives. This enlightening session not only left aspiring authors inspired but also resonated with the broader audience, serving as a poignant reminder of the wealth of untold narratives that extend beyond the corporate landscape. It was a testament to the power of alumni experiences and their literary contributions in enriching the broader tapestry of human stories.

Rajesh emphasized during his interaction with the audience, “I wrote the book with a personal touch, believing that if I wholeheartedly connect with its content, there will be others who share my sensibilities and will also fall in love with it.”

Bhaswar highlighted that being an author is a perpetual journey of learning, where even after years of writing, one remains an apprentice of the craft. He stressed the importance of authors being open to constructive criticism and continuously evolving in their writing pursuits.

Sandeep stressed the importance of seizing the day for writing, stating that the ideal moment to embark on this journey is today. He generously shared valuable tips, tricks, and strategies he employs in his own writing process.

Tony suggested that for aspiring authors and writers, keeping an open mind is essential, as valuable support and guidance can come from diverse sources, including those you might not initially think of as contributors.

Sibichen offered a practical yet highly effective piece of advice to the audience, suggesting that they initiate their writing journey by creating a compelling LinkedIn post.

Wellness Track – Wellbeing through Balance

The Wellness Track, titled “Wellbeing through Balance,” featured an all-alumna participants panel comprising accomplished individuals such as Rashmi Mohanty (PGP 1995), Dr. Mythri (MPWE 2003), Aruna Gopakumar (PGP 1993), and Kavitha Iyer Rodrigues (EGMP 2007). This engaging session took attendees on a profound journey into the heart of holistic wellness, where these experts delved into the medico-nutritional, physical, and psychological aspects of health. Their insightful discussions uncovered the well-guarded secrets to leading a more balanced, healthier, and fulfilled life. The wisdom shared by these esteemed panelists left everyone with a deeper understanding of the paramount importance of maintaining overall well-being, resonating with the audience and reinforcing the significance of holistic health.

Rashmi, an experienced ultra-marathoner, initiated her venture into long-distance running as she approached her 40s, driven by the desire to enhance her overall fitness. She underscored the significance of key principles: self-prioritization, setting achievable goals, adhering to a regular routine, and engaging in physical activities that bring joy – be it running, walking, going to the gym, or participating in group activities.

In the session, Dr. Mythri highlighted the essential significance of six foundational pillars, aligning with the principles of lifestyle medicine science. These pillars include diet, physical activity, sleep, hygiene, stress management, and positive psychology. Any disruption in these pillars has the potential to lead to health problems and illnesses. Dr. Mythri, with expertise in nuclear medicine, is a highly regarded senior doctor in her field.

Aruna, a psychotherapist, emphasized the interrelationship between mental and physical health. She noted that a beneficial mental exercise involves being aware of one’s emotions, as unaddressed emotions can become stored in the body and potentially manifest as physical health issues.

Kavitha, the Founder & CEO at Zumutor Biologics, is an enthusiastic runner who actively engages with a running community. She emphasizes that participation in community activities, especially those of a physical nature, fosters the sustainability of goals and adds a deeply gratifying dimension to the journey.

Director’s Interaction with Alumni

A notable highlight of the event was the Director’s Interaction with Prof. Rishikesha T Krishna, the esteemed Director of IIM Bangalore. This candid and insightful dialogue provided attendees with the opportunity to explore the current state of the institution, gain a deeper understanding of its visionary future, and listen to the valuable perspectives of alumni regarding the institution’s growth plans. This engaging and informative session underscored the enduring and robust bond between the institute and its alumni, reflecting the collaborative spirit that has defined IIMB’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

Stand-up by Alumni Shridhar Venkataramana

The day culminated with a side-splitting stand-up comedy performance by Shridhar Venkataramana, an alumnus of IIMB. Shridhar’s comedic talents extended beyond the usual repertoire, as he delivered interactive jokes that not only had the audience in stitches but also kept them actively engaged. His ability to connect with the audience through humor fostered a strong sense of togetherness among everyone present. This interactive and laughter-filled session offered the perfect conclusion to an unforgettable morning, creating lasting memories and reinforcing the sense of camaraderie that defines the IIMB community.

The IIMB Golden Jubilee Alumni Life Fest was more than just an event; it was a celebration of the rich tapestry of human experiences. It encouraged lifelong learning, holistic growth, and a renewed appreciation for the dimensions of life, knowledge, well-being, and humor. It was a memorable day that showcased the spirit of the IIMB community and its commitment to excellence, even after 50 years of its inception.

As we look back on this remarkable event, we are reminded of the importance of embracing all aspects of life and the power of laughter in connecting people. The Alumni Life Fest truly embodied the spirit of IIMB, and we look forward to many more years of excellence and celebrations to come.