IIM Bangalore’s digital learning vertical, IIMBx, has recently introduced two new courses: “Reinforcement Learning Algorithms” and “Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning.” These courses are part of the “Artificial Intelligence for Managers” program. Here are the key details for each course:

  1. Reinforcement Learning Algorithms:
  • Duration: Five weeks
  • Description: This course focuses on making decisions under uncertainty using reinforcement learning algorithms. It addresses problems where an agent needs to make a sequence of decisions to maximize rewards. The course applies reinforcement learning to analyze complex problems in finance, retail, marketing, operations, and economics. It covers stochastic processes, Markov models, and other tools for decision-making algorithms.
  • Topics Covered: Classification of States, Steady-state Probability Estimation, Brand Switching and Loyalty Modeling, Market Share Estimation, Google’s Ranking Algorithm, and the use of the Poisson Process in Operations, Marketing, and Insurance.
  • Additional Features: The course includes live sessions on Harvard Business Publishing cases, discussions, and recorded lecture videos.

For more information about the “Reinforcement Learning Algorithms” course, visit: Reinforcement Learning Algorithms

  1. Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning:
  • Duration: Eight weeks
  • Description: This course provides a comprehensive understanding of deep learning using artificial neural networks, with a focus on TensorFlow/Keras. It covers topics such as representational learning, the distinction between machine learning and deep learning, and the factors contributing to the significance of deep learning. The course explores the building and training of neural networks, including concepts like perceptron, gradient descent, back-propagation, hyper-parameter tuning, and various deep learning architectures.
  • Topics Covered: Biological and Mathematical Neurons, Perceptron Model, Back-propagation Algorithm, Activation Functions, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and Computer Vision, Transfer Learning, and more.
  • Additional Features: Real-life case studies, examples, and step-by-step approaches to building and exploring deep learning models are included in the course.

For more information about the “Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning” course, visit: Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning

These courses aim to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to apply AI techniques in managerial decision-making and understand the practical applications of reinforcement learning algorithms and deep learning across various fields.

IIM Bangalore Extends Gratitude to Collaborative Donors as Vital Partners of the Institute

IIM Bangalore expresses its gratitude to Shashi Yadavalli, Principal at Deloitte Consulting, and Anurag Pratap, Vice President at Capgemini India, for their generous contributions.

Shashi Yadavalli, an alumnus of IIM Bangalore’s 1996-1998 batch, recognizes the institute for equipping him with the skills and recognition that have led to his success as a business leader. He sends his best wishes for IIMB’s future endeavors and growth.

Anurag Pratap, representing Capgemini India, is acknowledged as a corporate donor. Capgemini’s support for NSRCEL’s ‘Velocity for Social Impact’ venture aligns with their commitment to bridging the digital divide and promoting social and sustainable development through technology. The partnership with IIMB’s NSRCEL fosters an active support ecosystem for early-stage entrepreneurs, fostering innovation and incubating new business ideas. Capgemini values the entrepreneurial mindset displayed by these social ventures and hopes that the collaboration with IIMB will make a significant and lasting impact on society.

IIM Bangalore sincerely appreciates the engagement and support from Shashi Yadavalli and Capgemini India in advancing its mission.

IIM Bangalore Ph.D. candidate, Anupama Kondayya, from the OBHRM area, secures Mitacs Globalink Research Award for a research internship in Canada

IIM Bangalore’s Anupama Kondayya, a Ph.D. candidate in Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management, has been awarded the prestigious Mitacs Globalink Research Award. This award enables her to undertake a research internship in Canada through IIM Bangalore’s partnership with the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute.

Anupama’s project, titled ‘Survival of Indigenous Healing Systems in Colonial India,’ was selected under the Globalink Research Award Thematic Call, which focused on the theme of ‘Global Health.’

During her internship, Anupama will be hosted by Prof. Diego Coraiola at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria. Her Home Supervisor from IIM Bangalore is Dr. Abhoy K Ojha in the Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management area.

The Mitacs Globalink Research Award provides financial support for a research internship lasting 12 to 24 weeks at the University of Victoria. Anupama will commence her internship within the next 12 months.

This award fosters research collaborations between Canada and partner organizations, as well as eligible countries and regions, promoting valuable academic exchanges and knowledge sharing.

PGP Graduates Secure Nanyang Technological University-India Connect Fellowships

Mohit Goyal and Nuhad Bardai, recent graduates from IIMB’s two-year full-time MBA program, have been selected as international non-graduating students at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU). They have been awarded the prestigious India Connect @ NTU Visiting Research Fellowship.

Under this fellowship, Mohit and Nuhad will undertake research projects supervised by NTU faculty. They will provide regular progress reports to their faculty supervisors and conduct their projects on a full-time, in-person basis at NTU’s campus. The fellowship does not allow for virtual participation.

Mohit Goyal will be supervised by Prof. S Viswanathan, while Nuhad Bardai will be mentored by Prof. Vivek Choudhary during their research tenure at NTU.

During IIMB’s recent 48th Convocation held on March 31, 2023, a total of 472 students graduated from the Post Graduate Programme in Management, representing a diverse cohort of 673 students across various programs.