IIMBAA Event – IIMB Alumni Author Talk Series

IIMB Alumni Office hosted its Author Talk Series Part 3 focused on alumni authors. The talk series focussed on their books, writing journey, motivations, and tips for other fellow alums who wish to write and author books.

This series was held on 23rd Octโ€™21 in an online zoom session and was attended by book enthusiasts and aspiring writers. The guest panel consisted of authors S Parthasarathy, PGP 1994 and Sai Prakash R. Iyer, FPM 2007 and was moderated by the content developer for Lsquare, Priyanka Mathur (EGMP 14B).

How to Discover Customer Value? – Tools to grow your business
Author: S Parthasarathy, PGP 1994

About the book:

The author introduces the simple and elegant “Customer-Action-Cycle” framework and the “Value Discovery Canvas” tool. The book addresses two basic questions – “Where does customer value reside and How to find it?”  The author chunks down any customer action into its various constituents and introduces new ideas such as value nodes, value catalyst, value criteria, value discovery pyramid, and the five-stage value discovery process. The ideas have been endorsed by leading marketing Professors from Harvard, Tuck School, RPI, IIMs, and CXO leaders from Coca-Cola, Perfetti Van Melle, Mastercard, Unilever, Marico, Naukri, etc. The book is creating some buzz amongst academicians and practitioners. Entrepreneurs, marketers, students, and researchers will benefit from the insights in the book.

Please click here for the link to the book.

Battle-Ready: Crafting Strategy to Beat Competition

Author: Sai Prakash R. Iyer, FPM 2007

About the book:

The key ideas in the book are two. First, managers need to look outside more often and more carefully โ€“ market, industry, competitors, soon-to-be rivals, regulators and so on, to generate deep and actionable insights. Second, managers need to appreciate that the business landscape is evolving, and itโ€™s changing as we speak. What worked yesterday is probably not a smart thing to do today. These are the two questions I ask. โ€œAre you battle-ready?โ€ โ€“ are you fit for the competitive battle that you are in right now. โ€œCan you stay battle-ready?โ€ โ€“ are you able to catch the evolutionary trends and upgrade/ adapt yourself to be fit for future battles. The book is targeted at business managers โ€“ be it the frontline warriors or the CEO.

Please click here for the link to the book