In Memoriam

We are saddened to notify you of the demise of Karthik Niranjan, PGP 2021, on 27th October 2022. Karthik was an honest and conscientious pupil. His acquaintances describe him as a happy individual who enjoyed lending a hand to other students. The IIMB family paid him a heartfelt tribute during a recent prayer gathering. In their difficult time, our hearts go out to his family.

Anirudh Srivatsa, a friend and batchmate, has written a memoir in Karthik’s memory.

Words will always fall short to describe what a gem of a person Karthik truly was. Though he seemed a quiet and reserved person at first glance, it did not take long for those around him to discover his wonderful and charismatic personality. His cheerful energy and ever-so-optimistic outlook towards life was infectious. From successfully traversing the challenging trek to the Everest Base Camp to exploring little-known corners of Mumbai on his trusted bicycle, his love for travel and adventure was unbeatable. He was a passionate Formula 1 fan, and had built Formula Student cars himself in his undergraduate days.

Karthik had touched the lives of every student on campus – as a member of the Placement Committee and as an elected member of the Student Affairs Council, he displayed a remarkable commitment to duty and an immense sense of professionalism that was truly inspiring. The sensitive position he held demanded long hours of hard work and the utmost integrity. Karthik lived up to all expectations with flying colours, rising to the occasion to confront the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and online placements to support the entire student body. Even in the midst of jovial hangout sessions in the hostel corridors – if the subject of placements were brought up, Karthik would instantly switch to a professional tone and reveal no more than what was strictly necessary. He was a prime example of the values of strength, honour and discipline.

However, what stood out the most about Karthik was that he was a fiercely loyal friend, and the strong bonds of companionship he fostered. He created lasting memories that we shall cherish for a lifetime; lent a steady shoulder of support whenever we needed it; always brought out the best in us and lit up our lives with his boundless excitement and enthusiasm. The memory of his bright smile will forever warm our hearts.

May his departed soul rest in peace, and may God give his family and loved ones the strength to bear this loss.