Inauguration of IIMB Alumni Club at Taj Westend: A Prestigious Space for Networking and Collaboration

The IIMB Alumni Club was inaugurated at the iconic Taj Westend in Bangalore, providing a dedicated physical space for the alumni and IIMB family. The club opening was hosted by Harish Mittal, President of IIMB Alumni Club, and Vipul Parekh, Secretary of IIMB Alumni Club. The club was officially inaugurated by Prof. Rishikesha T Krishnan, Director of IIMB, on Sunday, May 7.

This exclusive club offers a lifetime privilege to the members who avail the IIMB Alumni Club membership. It serves as a space for both personal and professional use, providing an unparalleled experience.

Among the notable features of the IIMB Alumni Club at Taj Westend Bangalore are its state-of-the-art meeting facilities, providing an exclusive and peaceful environment for alumni to conduct meetings and discussions. Additionally, there is an open-air bar and restaurant where members can unwind and enjoy quality time with their families. As a member of the club, exclusive rates on food and beverages are also offered, ensuring a delightful experience.

The establishment of the IIMB Alumni Club at Taj Westend Bangalore reflects the commitment to providing alumni with a prestigious space that caters to their diverse needs. It serves as a platform for networking, collaboration, and relaxation, fostering a strong sense of community among the esteemed IIMB alumni.

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