It’s Tough to Slow Down

– Prof. Ramesh Kumar, Marketing

Amidst the glitz and glamour of alluring lifestyles and ceaseless hunt for material, power and recognition, we are constantly bombarded with message about slowing down. It is about reducing the intensity of our motivation to prevent the burnout that may be experienced early in one’s professional life. In fact, there is an attractive market in domains as diverse as spirituality, psychotherapy and medicine that charges a premium for an attempt to slow down.

Why do we find slowing down so difficult? As a part of the New Year resolve, we may sign up for a gym, spiritual sessions, YouTube subscriptions for yog, and yet may find our interests waning quickly in pursuing such initiatives to slow down. Even Covid-induced indoor stays may not have had much 
impact on our will to mentally slow down.

Neuropsychologists refer to a term called ‘goal value valuation’. We select a goal that provides the most rewarding experience. We can imagine the multiple goals we select on the various facets of life, for instance, splurging on an expensive brand to achieve the goal of eternal youthful looks. The very process of using the preferred brand itself may be perceived as a rewarding experience

A serious intent to redefine the perceived goal value may offer the secret sauce to those who are in the rat race to slow down.

Source: Ecomic Times