Message to the Alum – Prof. K. Kumar, Dean (Alumni Relations and Development)

Dear Alum,

I am delighted to connect with you in my new role of the Dean – Alumni Relations and Development.

IIMB has been consistently improving its efforts to seek out and connect with its alumni. Over the years, the alumni pool has gathered strength in numbers due to many positive developments – expansion of the PGP and Fellow programs, introduction of diverse diploma programmes like PGPEM, PGPPM and EPGP into the portfolio of long duration programmes, and the increasing enrollment in the executive education programmes of significant duration. IIMB is proud of its large alumni base which currently is almost 20000!

Alumni have historically been excellent in connecting with each other at the batch level. Thanks to technology, it is hardly a challenge for the alum to connect with each other even across batches. In today’s world, it would be myopic for any alumni organization to see its role as primarily providing a platform for the alumni to network. A lot more is expected of the alumni organizations.

Firstly, the alumni organization has to develop and strengthen the ‘emotional connect’ between the alumni and the institution. Secondly, the alumni organization has to understand the expectations of the alumni and find a way to deliver the same in a satisfactory way. Thirdly, the alumni organization has to create the motivation and infrastructure to enable the alumni ‘to give back’ to the institution and to the society at large.

Moving forward, our endeavour would be to mould the alumni organization, enabling progress on these three dimensions. We will be making all efforts to inform you the about the progress made by IIMB in various spheres of activity.  We hope and believe that such sharing of information will go a long way in keeping IIMB at the top of your minds and strengthen the emotional bond with the institute. We will be engaging with you constantly to find ways of adding value to you and prepare you to face the professional challenges that lie ahead of you. We will also be responding to your needs of giving by providing suitably designed programs and structures and help you realize the higher purpose that each IIMB alumnus is bound to pursue in her life.

Needless to mention, none of these lofty goals of the alumni organization can be realized without your involvement, passion, ideas and support. While IIMB will leave no stone unturned to make you feel proud of your association with it, we do hope that you will continue to significantly add to the reputation of IIMB, and simultaneously, will derive value and satisfaction from the ever enhancing reputation of IIMB.

I look forward to a fruitful engagement with you all.


Prof K Kumar

Dean – Alumni Relations & Development