NSRCEL Start-up: Dockare

About Dockare: The biggest challenge in healthcare is to improve communication between the patients and the doctors.  Take the example of the COVID pandemic. Patients reach doctors with scrambled and unstructured information about their illness. The doctors on the other hand who are already stretched, spend 80% of the time struggling to comprehend all the chaotic, verbally conveyed and possibly inaccurate information. This further drains the doctors and possibly leads to more blanket therapy than personalized treatment.  

Dockare is a unique mobile platform that provides the patient with a tool to capture their complete illness journey. They can add symptoms to their monitoring panel and rate them on a scale of 0 to 10 on a real-time basis and multiple times a day. These inputs from the patient generate simple graphs which show the trend of the illness. This is actionable data that can be remotely monitored and acted upon by the doctors on a real-time basis. When a health parameter goes out of range, apps patent-pending  “SymALERT” system sends an alert to the treating physician. Doctors can also build their own team of nurses and junior doctors, further improving the efficiency of care and reducing burnout.

Our most successful category has been the Fever Module, which has been used by more than 2000 suspected/confirmed and worried about COVID 19 infection patients. When connected to their own doctor, the module opens up a virtual tunnel connecting the patient and doctor in real-time to monitor the symptoms and vitals. A study has been submitted in a leading medical journal for publication highlighting the importance of such monitoring, which demonstrated a 100% successful outcome in detecting deterioration.

The solution was nominated by Economic Times Health as one of the “Best Remote Monitoring Solutions for COVID 19”.

Dockare is a brainchild of a doctor and an engineer. Dr. Sai Shankar, one of the co-founders, is a pediatric intensivist and ECMO specialist who has worked in some of the best children’s hospitals like Oxford University, UK, and Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, brings his wealth of experience from the medical world. Cofounder Shweta Shastri, a computer science engineer who has worked in the IT industry previously, has developed and grown this concept, adding valuable AI and ML to the doctor-patient interaction. NSRCEL has been at the forefront in supporting their idea. Mentors from NSRCEL have constantly helped with their valuable advice and support to help us grow.


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