NSRCEL Start-up: Electripetal

Say goodbye to range anxiety and air pollution with Electripetal

Electripetal Technologies Private Limited, established in 2019, is a technology firm focused on creating secure, dependable, and accessible EV charging infrastructure. The company’s primary objective, as highlighted by Co-founder and COO Shahbaz Pasha, is to alleviate range anxiety among electric vehicle users. Innovation and creativity are central to their approach, aiming to enhance green technology for both residential and commercial applications.

Shahbaz Pasha, who holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from ATME College of Engineering, embarked on his journey in green mobility in 2019. With guidance from NSRCEL, he transformed his vision into reality by founding Electripetal.

Praising the NSRCEL program, Shahbaz emphasized how it significantly aided him in devising an effective business model canvas, identifying potential customers, conducting comprehensive customer surveys, and formulating a robust go-to-market strategy. Interactions with fellow startup founders at NSRCEL provided valuable insights into the broader business landscape.

Shahbaz also shared that the NSRCEL training underscored the importance of crafting a sustainable business model from personal interests, stressing that it’s pivotal for enduring success.