NSRCEL Startup: Ikshana – Another way to look at eyewear

Set up in March 2021, eyewear accessory brand Ikshana aims to be the most creative and sought-after platform for eyewear accessories that changes the way people look at eyewear. The brand consists of a range of products such as charms, arm covers and crochet covers which are used to add to the users’ existing frames and sunglasses. “The easy to slide on and off products promote sustainability of glasses and create an affordable fashion solution with unique styling. Ikshana also makes eyewear accessories that kids would appreciate and easily add to their frames to make them more interesting”, says Sareyna Khan, Founder, Ikshana.

Sareyna Khan

She adds that the products at Ikshana are designed and manufactured by skilled employees including artisans from the hinterlands of India. “A strong team of employees with innovative ideas and unmoving dedication keeps Ikshana young and evolving”.

Although at present the products can be purchased on the firms’s own website, they plan to make their presence felt on multiple e-commerce platforms and brick-and-mortar as well. The aim is to be a one-stop destination for eyewear accessories where everyone can find something they like, adore and can have fun with.

Sareyna Khan is based in Navi Mumbai and has a degree in Commerce from Mumbai University. Coming from a family of people in service, she did not have any experience in running a business. Prior to setting up Ikshana, she was into jewellery designing and has significant exposure in product development for domestic and global markets. She had started her career with IT Recruitment and Business Development.

She shares that her motivation to start Ikshana was to make the experience of wearing frames more fun and fashionable. She wanted frames to no longer be something that one is obligated to wear, but something that has the users’ own element added to it, something one can have fun wearing and experiment with.

Giving significant credit to IIM Bangalore’s NSRCEL for giving shape and form to her idea, Sareyna says that she is fortunate to have Ikshana incubated at NSRCEL. “The structured guidance, sessions, evaluation offered by the programme, industry-specific and valuable inputs by our mentors, and an always ready-to-help cohort have helped me shape my venture and move in the right direction.”