NSRCEL Startup: KuKClean

We all agree that having an idea and seeing an idea executed are completely different from one another. What started as a personal experience for Kirti, has grown into a full-fledged entrepreneurial venture. KuKClean is not just a company, it is a concept and future of leading a clean healthy lifestyle. In an exclusive interview with the Founder of KuKClean, Ms. Kirti Yadav.

Please tell us something about KuKClean.

KuKClean Wholesome Plant-based marketplace brings nutritious Clean label plant-based food to health-conscious customers. The thought of KuKClean goes 4-5 years back when I wanted to lose weight, after my daughter’s birth and at the same time wanted to make sure that she grows as a healthy child. I got introduced to plant-based lifetysle while I want to solve these two puzzles.  

I created a Facebook group with the same name & shared my recipes, It was loved & so finally, We created the marketplace on the FB group. But real game change happened when I submitted this idea to Women Startup program 3.0 conducted by IIMB, NSRCEL. The Idea got selected & I started KuKclean marketplace. 

What prompted you to be in this space? Where did you get the idea?

My quest to find natural ways to remain healthy and learn about nutrition helped me to become a certified holistic nutritionist. While I shared recipes on the KuKClean FB group, I always felt the need of procuring Clean products as simple as wholewheat bread or some sweets that we can consume guilt-free was a challenge. I started approaching entrepreneurs who were making clean food and started getting buying products from them. High Delivery cost to procure products from each vendor made me start KuKClean marketplace

What are the products offered by KuKClean and how can one purchase these products?

We have 100+ Vegan, Clean food products on KuKClean procured from various conscious local entrepreneurs. We have essentials like nuts, seeds, dry fruits, millets & millets mixes. Exotics like dips, tofu, cakes. Sweets and savories that are completely Maida-free ( All purpose flour), Sugar-free (we either use jaggery or dates), baked. KuKclean has launched its own products like signature Ragi ladoos, Classic jaggery based granola, premium trail mix, Dry fruit ladoo, Baked ajwain mathri. & peanut butter.

Customers can register on kuklcean.com and place their orders and we deliver it Pan-India.  They can also reach out to us on

 our Insta handle – https://www.instagram.com/kukcleanplantbasedstore/?hl=en

Fb Handle – https://www.facebook.com/kukclean

WhatsApp number –   6360999672

We have partnered with other platforms to deliver it across the globe and are currently testing the market.

How is KuKClean unique? What makes its products set apart from the others?

We sell what we eat as a family. We bring only clean label vegan product. Run by a nutritionist, KuKclean focuses to bring a plate level change. While We focus on healthy products, We also give daily health tips, & recipes to our customers. We collaborate with conscious entrepreneurs & focus on sustainability while packing the products as much as possible.

How has the journey as an entrepreneur been? Any learnings that you would like to share.

It has been a discovery. At times you realize what your potential is when you follow your passion. Starting KuKclean just as a recipe-sharing FB group and finally making a living from it has been a journey indeed. It helped me realize my true potential. 

What’s next in line for you? Just Keep going….till I bring a plate level Change to 1 million plates and reduce the risk of lifestyle chronic diseases. While KuKclean would continue to bring in more clean label products, I would be focusing to change every occasion be it a birthday party, wedding, or even employee onboarding & making it healthy.

How has NSRCEL been a part of your entrepreneurial journey?

It gave me wings to fly :-), It helped me believe in myself. It helped me to realize this idea will work, so much so that my husband Akar Misra ( now my co-founder) left his job to take a plunge with me in this entrepreneurship journey. Mentors, colleagues, peers at IIMB NSRCEL are the most encouraging people who support me day in day out. It’s a highly encouraging bunch of aspiring people who are always there to support me. Really blessed to that this gang of entrepreneurs.