NSRCEL Startup: Learning Matters

Enhancing learning outcomes with tech tools and AI

Learning Matters is an ed-tech organization headquartered in Bangalore, co-founded by Ramamoorthy G (Moorthy), Gowri Mahesh, and Saraswathy Ramamoorthy, with each founder boasting around 20 years of experience in the education and technology domains. Their core mission revolves around tackling one of the major challenges faced by the Indian education sector – the declining quality of learning outcomes in the majority of students. To address this issue, Learning Matters employs tech tools and AI, aiming to scale their solution effectively to cater to a large number of schools, teachers, and students. They firmly believe that voice technology, alongside Artificial Intelligence, will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education within the next three to five years.

At the heart of their innovative approach is their virtual voice teacher named ‘Tara.’ Utilizing voice technology platforms like Amazon Alexa and proprietary content created by Learning Matters’ experts, Tara provides a comprehensive suite of educational solutions, particularly focused on teaching spoken English to learners. By leveraging voice technology, Learning Matters seeks to reach schools in the middle and lower segments of the pyramid, ensuring improved teacher quality and enhanced learning outcomes for students.

During the initial stages of their venture, Learning Matters has benefitted greatly from the support of mentors from NSRCEL. These mentors have provided valuable guidance and assistance in the development of various components of the program. Tasks such as developing Theory of Change and Stakeholder Mapping, gaining insights into the Southeast Asia market, scouting for potential contacts, and making progress on the products and engineering side were significantly enhanced with the help of the mentors. Moreover, the mentors have offered to facilitate connections, share experiences, and provide technical know-how from individuals and businesses that have utilized AI-based voice technology. Additionally, they have been instrumental in keeping an eye out for potential funding opportunities and impact investors who could contribute to Learning Matters’ growth and success.