NSRCEL Startup: YouAndMe Theatre

Founder: Dr. Rajashree SR

About the startup

YouAndMe Theatre is a performing art company based in Bangalore. The company works in 3 major areas.  

– Applied Theatre 

– Children’s Theatre 

– Set up and management of a Black Box Theatre in a prime area of South Bangalore. 

The mission of YouAndMe Theatre is to make theatre relevant and accessible to various demographics. We have programs for- 








We have so far reached – About 8000 children | 500 artists | 50-80k audience Since 2017. 

About the founder: 

Dr. Rajashree SR comes with 25 years of experience in the performing arts and media. 

She has been an actor and dancer on stage and television.  

With a PhD in Journalism and mass communication, Diploma in theatre and a senior exam in Bharatanatyam, Rajashree has been a guest lecturer at various colleges, member of Board of Studies at Jyoti Nivas college and a teacher under Times NiE. 

After performing in over 200 stage productions and 10 TV series she Co-founded YouAndMe Theatre, along with Sharath Parvathavani, a screenwriter and playwright from NewYork Film Academy. 


When I launched YouAndMe Theatre, though I had complete clarity, everyone around were very apprehensive about what a theatre company would do… But getting selected for Incubation under Women Startup Program was a huge validation that motivated me to work harder.  

Till then, I would look at theatre only as an art. NSRCEL and the energetic ecosystem there got me to start thinking of it like a Business. This brought about a major shift in the approach not just in me, but the entire team! 

The classes and sessions were major eye-openers. But just having a conversation with a mentor/founder/staff at NSRCEL is so insightful! 

Another major learning that I had, was to look at ‘failure’ from a very different perspective. This removed all the fear and hesitation in my mind. I realised – anything is possible in entrepreneurship!  

Winning the All India Times She UnLtd Entrepreneurship Award in 2020 was the icing on the cake! 

All the credit would go to NSRCEL and everyone there!