PGP 1990 Batch visits IIMB

Around 40 members of the PGP 1990 batch visited IIMB on Sat, 23 Nov as part of their reunion celebrations. The batch was having their reunion at Prestige Golfshire, near the Airport and they decided to visit the campus on one of the days. They were on campus for over three hours, interacted with  a few students, did a campus tour including the hostels and had lunch at the MDC. S Parthasarathy, Head – Alumni relations, briefed the batch on the developments at IIMB, alumni relations and development activities. The session happened in N-001 and the alums were impressed with the swank and plush air conditioned classrooms! Partha also mentioned about how alums in their individual capacity and as a group are increasingly stepping forward to fund various initiatives at the campus. K Suresh, Head – Development, was also present at the briefing session. 

Prof. Venky Panchapagesan, Chairperson NSRCEL, provided inputs on the activities of NSRCEL and briefed alums on how they could contibute to NSRCEL – as mentors and subject matter experts. 

The alumni office staff of Ankita and Sushma were present to ensure that everything went off smoothly. They presented an IIMB Cap, the Alumni Relations and Development first report and the Udaan brochure that provided details of giving back options.

The batch visited NSRCEL, the sports complex, hostel blocks and had lunch at MDC before leaving for their basecamp at Prestige Golfshire. Three PGP 2 students accompanied the batch during the campus tour and the alumni got to speed on the life on campus and understand the aspirations of students. The batch were keen on working on ideas around giving back to their alma mater!