Reunions – EGMP 26 & PGP’88

“A trip to nostalgia now and then is good for the spirit.”

-Dan Bartolovic


EGMP 26 reunion on July 06, 2018

It was wonderful being part of the reunion.Quite unusual to see a good number of people turning up for such an event after 5 years.IIMB campus is magnetic and it refreshed very one of us. You feel great about yourself whenever you visit this campus.Extremely surprised to see the professors – thought they will attend only events organized by regular students’ alumni.They are awesome.  They proved that, irrespective of what course one attended, all are their students – no partiality with them.This is quite strange, they proved that they are far beyond any standard you can imagine.Hats off to IIMB for treating all Alumni the same, this is why they are No.1 always.Many things have changed after attending EGMP.This program completely changed me as an individual. As a HR professional, my context changed.I have become business oriented, look at every opportunity as a business opportunity and deliver great value to the organization.

-Contributed by Rajkumar D’EGMP 36


PGP 1988 reunion 

PGP 1988 batch gathered for the 30th year Reunion at the Campus on 21 & 22nd July 2018