As the year came to end, alums marked their calendars to celebrate reunions and cherish memories at IIMB. The reunion planning began much before and the batches took a step forward to take responsibility of making the event a huge success. It was treat to watch them be proud of their alma matter and take their families around the campus and see how it has evolved since then. The alums were briefed by the Director and the Dean Alumni Relations and Development on the various activities the institute undertakes and how they can engage themselves with the institute.  A brief session at NSRCEL was arranged to understand how the system works and how they could associate themselves. They were also glad to meet their faculty and felicitated them on this memorable event.

PGP 1998Dec 7-9 , 2018
PGP 2003Dec 14-15, 2018
PGP 1978Dec 20-21, 2018
PGP 2008Dec 21-23, 2018
PGP 1993Dec 27-29, 2018

Batches had lunch at the hostel, had a platform to showcase their talents like painting, Rangoli and yes they definitely had a jolly time. The alumni enjoyed their campus walk as they recollected some of their best memories of the campus. Some alumni also shared their experience of how the greenery beautifies the campus and it is one of the best reasons to come back!

The alumni office was also an active part of these celebrations as we organised arrangements for stay, food, souvenirs and all the necessary activities to make it a grand event. It was indeed a roller coaster ride as we organised 5 reunions in just one month with more then 300 alumni back at campus!

The joy of seeing alums come back to campus is indeed overwhelming!

PGP 1998 batch
PGP 2003 batch
PGP 1978 batch
PGP 2008 batch

PGP 1993

Reunion Experiences shared by Alumni during reunion.