Saturday Musings-” How to build EI in personal and Professional lives”

An initiative of the alumni office, Saturday Musings, was held on Feb 23rd 2019 at the auditorium. The key note address was delivered by Mr. Krishna Kumar, Presidential Ambassador – IAC & Founder – ISEC , PGP 82. He emphasised on the thought that emotional intelligence is connected to the flow of thoughts in mind and how in his experience he has encountered with various people with different levels of emotional intelligence. He also shared in insights on his learnings from tennis and how sports play a major role in development of emotional intelligence especially in children. He also shared his experiences as a life coach and how the world is changing to adapt the emotional quotient.

He moderated a panel discussion of speakers including:

Mr. Venkateshwaran Srinivasan Vice President, Head, TCS Financial Solutions  PGP 94

Ms. Maullika Sharma -Director of Global Clinical Infrastructure, MPWE 2006,

Ms. Jahnavi Katti CPC– CEO, KeyKonnecct- MPWE 2004,

Mr. Suman Ghose– co-founder of Inroads Leadership Development, PGP 96

The panel discussion who came from vibrant backgrounds focused on how emotional intelligence can have its stand on various aspects of life. The intriguing questions from audience made the panel wear their thinking hats to respond to real life situations. The session was indeed informative and many people could relate to real life situations.

Watch the session live here: