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Look at him turning around, the wonder of human life! As I stooped down to clasp his beautiful face in my warm hands, his pupils kept rolling around mine.

A pen, a piece of paper, a flower or even a petal, takes him miles and miles away, to the land of awe. As I spoke, recounting my day, I could see the tiniest quiver of his lips, imitating mine!

It was a water bottle yesterday – his toy! It all started as he kept fiddling the bottle lid and a while later, my beloved, discovered how to open it. I am certain I haven’t had a happier moment in my life! He can’t walk yet, but I am still walking the journey he has set me on. Its a new cruise, new shores and even new waters….As I reached out and slowly took back the water bottle, I couldn’t escape the magic of that toothless smile of innocence, lost in oblivion with eyes brimming with curiosity……

My six year old came running down the stairs to take her dear water bottle, from her grandfather’s tight clutch. He was still dazzled at how the lid opened and kept fiddling with it even when my daughter slowly took it away! I wonder if he knew who she was or even me for that matter. As I cuddled my daughter with a close tight hug, I saw that same smile adorning her dainty little face as she heartily sipped from her bottle.

– Namita S
PGP 2020-22

The Valentine

It’s the valentine day, the celebration of love as they say,
festival of romance, red roses and, of course, a plethora of proposes.

staring of eyes, sharing of smiles and a bit of romance,
for lovebirds, it’s full moon where sorrow has no chance.

mind turns nostalgic with flashback of togetherness,
happy souls with thumping heart and no emptiness.

it’s the time of year when many hearts celebrate, but few alone cries,
not all wake up happy, some have their own share of bitter stories.

with a vacuum of emotions, yet an ocean of hurt feelings,
the heart fights with mind, and tears triumph the smiles.

it is the difficult time when heart estranges from mind,
for every joyous story, there are many other painful ones.

Nevertheless, it’s the celebration of love with few broken hearts,
for life, there is no happiness without a salt of past setbacks.

it’s time to spread the love and cherish elated moments,
as divine love pens down the destiny of chosen couples.

– Pranaysinh Parmar
PGP 2020-22

 The Beautiful Curve on Your Face

Days passed, seasons change, our wardrobe changes as per the latest fashion, but nothing will change and beat the most beautiful attire that never gets out of style, which is our smile

Emotions can be expressed in many ways through our actions, expressions, and so on. When we are sad, we cry; when we are happy, we smile and laugh. But we bring forth the best look in ourselves when we smile.

Smile? What is a smile? Is it just a way of showing how we feel? Is it to show the emotions of joy and happiness in us? I tell you it isn’t. Our smile has much greater power than just depicting how we are feeling. It brings about a positive aura to the person who receives it as well. When your friend smiles at you, I am sure you receive the smile with a smile too. But what if you are too busy to notice that beautiful smile, then you will lose out on a lot, and I am sure your friend’s smile would vanish into thin air. I can assure you that your friend would feel let down by your action and may wear a frown all day.

A smile is the most powerful weapon in our day-to-day life. A smile does not cost you anything, so give a smile when you meet your comrades or when you pass the security guard. We are all from different parts of the country, and language is a barrier when communicating, especially with the housekeeping staff. I know for a fact that when I ask the housekeeping staff to clean, I just called her and, through actions, would convey my thoughts. She would smile at my goofiness, and I end up laughing with her.

Smiling is not just for ourselves to have. Smile at yourself in the mirror in the morning but most importantly, smile at the people you meet throughout the day. That does not mean you keep smiling all the time, then people would think differently. Smile when you help someone, smile when you meet someone, smile when you’re happy because who knows your smile may be the reason for someone else’s smile.

Share that beautiful curve on your face with everyone, for it is that curve that brings us together in friendship, love and finally peace. You know what, a smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

– Pynhunlang Nongsiej
PGP 2020-22

Is it Silence or Arrogance?

I know Silence is gold and Speech is silver

But Don’t get infected with the arrogance fever

I am fed up with the people who feel that their positions are very high

So they have a licence to ignore small men when expected a reply

People show themselves as globally social

But ironically they are not even locally vocal

It is a myth that pretending to be an introvert makes you appear smart

Speaking effectively and maintaining life long networks is the real art

Sometimes it is really necessary that you should normally speak

Your close friends may have their life struggles at peak

It is upto you to understand the feelings and grab the essence

By keeping quite be sure of what you imply, silence or Arrogance?

– Shubham Ramesh Gole
PGP 2020-22