Student’s Corner : What Are They UpTo?

War of Sections-

War of sections is an event that unites the PGP1s and challenges them to outperform each other in a host of engaging events. More than 30 events were lined up in a short span of 3 days and the pgp1 junta worked day and night because the section reputation was at stake. L square was lit up and the crowd had started gathering. The competition was intense and the stage was all set for the Great War. It started on a bizarre note with ‘dress the CR’ where the section gathered to deck their CR up as a villain. The event was high on energy and marked a perfect start to the fun that was to follow.

The next two days had all sort of events from case study competitions to quizzes and events from all verticals like market, finance and operations. The popular ones were Dubstep (an event in which each section had to sing and dance simultaneously), lift the CR (four people had to cross obstacles while carrying the CR) and Mash it up (a quirky marketing event that required a unique approach). An event that brought almost all of the section to L square was war cry, because well there were marks for head count. As a huge number of people gathered chanting their war cry, a feeling of unity reverberated in the corridors and brought the spirit of the section alive. As people ran around from one event to another, some events were being held online in the background. Each section had to come up with a newspaper of their own, including the maximum number of people from their class and interesting articles and anecdotes about them. Yet another required photos capturing all emotions of the section. Every section huddled together to design their flag, a symbol that would represent what they stood for.

The chaotic yet complete end to this array of events was the baraati dance. PGP1s were recommended to watch the previous year baraati dance videos for inspiration. The idea was to go as berserk as one could and dance like all hell had broken lose. This was every section’s last chance to glory and serious planning to go crazy ensued. Brides and bridegrooms with their entire troops came and had immense fun while dancing on peppy dance numbers. Exhausted after three days of constant competing, baraati dance infused life back in students. There was joy and laughter and war of sections had come to an end. Section D was declared the winner this time and section C which had won it last year lagged behind by just a point. War of sections instilled a spirit of camaraderie and also uncovered the hidden talents that the batch had. Alas! Three days of chaos and creativity had come to an end and life went on like before in B.

“The healing touch”

Nothing is as healing as the human touch. To think of somebody lovingly pick up destitute off the street? Ones who are reduced to skin and bone, whom no one wants to touch? To bring them home, bathe, feed them, allow them to recover and die with dignity when their time comes? It probably seems inconceivable. Most of us must have felt sympathetic to the destitute we see on the roadsides, in railway stations, clueless as to where they belong. As much as we would like to help them lead a life of dignity, we often do not know how to do so.

Narayanaswamy, a young chap lost his memory after a fall from a building where he worked as a daily wage laborer. He was found loitering on the streets with open wounds, uncared for more than 40 days. Treating his injuries, helping him recover, he was given a new lease of life by Mr. Raja (fondly called Auto Raja). Slowly he recuperated and contributes to the place that gave him another chance at life, by doing engineering work for the home.

If there is one person who does what most of us would like to do, to make a difference in the life of many like Narayanaswamy, known and unknown, it is Mr. Raja. He provides a healing touch to the perceived untouchables, the dignity they deserve and a home to the homeless.

In the year 1997, he started an institute called the New Ark Mission of India (NAMI) in a 5×6 feet passage outside his tiny single room house. Since then, the New Ark Mission of India has been dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating the deserted and dying from the streets. It currently houses around 730 inmates.

Currently, Mr. Auto Raja manages purely on voluntary donations. We, a few students from the batch of PGP 2016-18 have taken on the responsibility to support the cause Mr. Raja represents. We are working closely with him to raise funds for pursuing his dream of helping people who deserve a life like any of us.

Tough times lie ahead for the home, with the dire need for resources to provide for the many inmates. Having worked with him closely, we see hope in his heart and commitment to his cause that he will continue to work for the welfare of the destitute. If you, like us, see the merit in his cause and the love he spreads, we kindly request you to write to us. You can choose to contribute whatever you desire or share the contact of somebody you know, individuals or corporate organisations who will be of any help to us, in enabling him to fulfil his noble mission. We are grateful for any help offered.

Anand Babu K R ( – 9626771185

Manishankar P ( – 9884104421