Alumni News

Fireside Chat with Nobel Laureate Prof. Michael Spence Hosted by the Economics Area

The Economics area of IIM Bangalore hosted a fireside chat on 15th February 2024 with Nobel Laureate Prof. Michael Spence, Co-chair of the Commission on Global Economic Transformation at the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET). Prof. Manaswini Bhalla, faculty from the Economics area of IIM Bangalore, chaired the event, with dignitaries including Rohinton P. Medhora, Chair of the Governing Board, Institute for New Economic Thinking, and Prof. Rishikesha T Krishnan, Director, IIM Bangalore, present.

Prof. Spence, renowned for his job market signaling model, discussed its relevance in today’s digital age. He also addressed the world economy’s state, emphasizing the impact of the pandemic and suggesting micro-level crisis management strategies. He highlighted India’s demographic advantages and challenges, advocating for an inclusive, sustainable growth approach. Regarding India’s economic transition, he suggested enhancing manufacturing efficiency while embracing digital advancements.

Prof. Spence advised students to pursue their passions and adapt to change. A Nobel Laureate, he holds several prestigious positions and authored influential books on economic growth.

PGP Class of 1979 Reunion: A Nostalgic Homecoming at IIM Bangalore

The PGP Class of 1979, a group of esteemed alumni, came together to celebrate their reunion at IIM Bangalore on February 12, 2024. Led by Prof. Rishikesha T Krishnan, the Director of IIMB, and Prof. Sourav Mukherji, the Dean of Alumni Relations & Development, the gathering was marked by nostalgic reminiscences and insightful discussions. The alumni were warmly welcomed back to their alma mater, where they had forged lifelong connections and laid the foundation for their successful careers. Prof. Krishnan and Prof. Mukherji, in their addresses, acknowledged the achievements of the alumni since their graduation and highlighted the continued growth and impact of IIMB. The event provided a valuable opportunity for the alumni to reconnect, share experiences, and reaffirm their bonds with each other and with the institution that shaped their professional journeys.

PGPEM Student Naveen Rathani Receives ’40 under 40 Data Scientists Award’

Congratulations to Naveen Rathani, an exemplary student of the Post Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management (PGPEM) at IIM Bangalore, for receiving the esteemed ’40 under 40 Data Scientists Award’ from Analytics India Magazine. This prestigious accolade highlights Naveen’s remarkable contributions to the field of data science, showcasing his expertise, creativity, and dedication. As a visionary leader, Naveen’s innovative thinking and unwavering commitment to excellence serve as inspiration to aspiring data scientists worldwide. His recognition underscores the significant impact he has made in advancing the frontier of analytics, paving the way for transformative change and groundbreaking discoveries. Naveen’s achievement is a testament to his exceptional talent and passion for driving meaningful innovation, further solidifying his position as a trailblazer in the dynamic realm of data science.

IIMB’s One-Year Full-Time MBA (EPGP) Climbs Five Spots, Enters Top 50 in FT Global MBA 2024 Rankings

IIM Bangalore’s Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management (EPGP), a one-year, full-time MBA for working professionals, has surged five places in the Financial Times Global MBA 2024 rankings, securing the 47th position. Notably, EPGP graduates boast a 100% employment rate within three months, underscoring their market acceptance, while the presence of faculty with doctorates underscores the institution’s academic excellence. High scores in ‘Aims Achieved’ (87%) and ‘Overall Satisfaction’ (9.19) further validate IIMB’s quality education. The institution’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its Carbon Footprint rank of 15, aligning with its net-zero target. Director Prof. Rishikesha T Krishnan commended the program’s stakeholders for their dedication, noting their role in maintaining IIMB’s reputation and rankings. Among Indian B-schools, ISB, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, and XLRI also secured top 100 positions, reflecting India’s growing prominence in global management education. The FT rankings, emphasizing Career Progress, Diversity, and Research/ESG, underscore IIMB’s consistent pursuit of excellence.