Book Release

The SaaS Model: A New Dimension to Marketing – Srinivas B Vijayraghavan, PGP 2007

About the Book

Software as a Service (SaaS) provides a subscription-based alternative to buying software that has been embraced by thousands of businesses across the world. Like every core business function, marketing also needs to embrace the ‘SaaS way’ of doing things. Never has marketing found more relevance in the ‘full funnel’ of a customer’s life cycle from acquisition to renewal and expansion than now. The SaaS Model is a valuable handbook that guides the reader on how to effectively market a brand in a SaaS world. The reader will learn – how marketing has adapted to the subscription-oriented nature of the SaaS world – how the classic marketing framework of segmentation, targeting and positioning followed by the 4 Ps is being transformed by data and the SaaS-based martech stack – how to map the customer life cycle in SaaS and detail how marketing plays a role in driving the freemium model – how self-service models drive enterprise momentum – how marketing plays a role in enterprise trails and deal acceleration – how marketing helps the customer success world with effective onboarding, driving usage and renewing subscriptions

The book is available on all Amazon and leading e-commerce platforms.