Book Release: IIMB Alumni Authors

Fixed Income Securities: Concepts and Applications – Sunil Kumar Parameswaran

Sunil K. Parameswaran has authored a book called Fixed Income Securities: Concepts and Applications. Sunil is a 1986 PGP Batch alum and is the Director & CEO of Tarheel Consultancy Services, Bangalore, India, a corporate training and management consultancy firm set up by him in 2004. Sunil is a Visiting Faculty at some of the leading business schools in India, where he anchors courses in the area of Finance. His primary areas of interest are Securities Markets; Financial Derivatives; Fixed Income Securities; and International Finance. A prolific writer, he has published several books, on Financial Derivatives, with McGraw-Hill in India and in Singapore, and on Financial Instruments with John Wiley in Singapore and in India.

His most recent book is Fixed Income Securities: Concepts and Applications, published by DeG Press, Boston. It covers the entire fixed-income canvas including plain vanilla bonds; yield measures; duration, convexity and immunization; floating rate bonds; money markets; mortgage loans and mortgage-backed securities; fixed income futures and options; bonds with embedded options; and interest rate and credit default swaps. The book makes extensive use of Excel to illustrate bond valuation and applications. It also relies heavily on the binomial model of option pricing to value bond options and bonds with embedded options. It is available on Amazon in both the US and India. The book is also available in Ebook format.

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The Boy Who Loved Trains – Deepak Sapra

Deepak Sapra is the author of the book, The Boy Who Loved Trains. He is a former Indian Railways Service official and worked at many places throughout the country. The book is a fictionalized, coming-of-age account, largely based on his experience on the railway set up. He is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore (PGP 2002), IRIMEE Jamalpur and has also been a Chevening scholar and a Fulbright fellow. He currently working at Dr Reddy Labs, Hyderabad as Global Head, Business. The book is available in the paperback edition and e-format.

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