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Prof Chetan Solanki speaks on Energy Swaraj at IIMB

Prof Chetan Solanki, India’s foremost solar energy researcher and climate change campaigner, spoke on ‘Climate Change & Energy Swaraj’ on January 31st from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in Classroom N-101 on campus.

The talk is a part of the elective course offered by Prof. Haritha Saranga, faculty in the Production and Operations Management area and Chairperson of the Sustainability Task Force at IIM Bangalore.

Prof. Chetan Solanki is on an 11-year pan-India Energy Swaraj yatra. He lives in his Energy Swaraj bus. After the discussion, there was a bus demonstration.

“Energy is everything, and everything is energy. “The world has enough for everyone’s need but not for anyone’s greed,” Gandhiji observed, but economies are continually trying to produce and consume more. This increase, powered by fossil fuels, is producing climate change, which threatens the sustainability of life on Earth. As a result, substantial and immediate action is necessary by each individual and institution to combat climate change,” adds Prof. Solanki.

He believes that implementing Energy Swaraj, or generating and utilising energy locally, is the solution. “Adopting Energy Swaraj will also aid in skill development, job creation, energy independence, boosting local economies, and, of course, climate change mitigation.”

The discussion included philosophical, technical, economic, social, and environmental implications of energy and climate change, as well as a demonstration of the Energy Swaraj bus. The presentation also provided practical advice on how each individual might help to reduce climate change.

Gender and Inclusivity Exhibition at IIMB receives enthusiastic reaction

During the afternoon of January 13, when students, teachers, staff, and campus residents viewed the exhibition with the theme “Non-verbal Communication on Gender and Inclusivity,” moving poetry, bright sketches, and doodles spurred stimulating talks at the N-Classroom cluster.

The exhibition was organised by the Institute’s Internal Committee, under the direction of Dr. Hema Swaminathan, its chairperson and faculty in the Public Policy area. It featured works in the forms of paintings/sketches, installations/crafts, collages, and rangoli, and it explored solutions to the doublespeak surrounding gender and inclusivity.

Students from IIMB host YAMINI 2023 with SPICMACAY

The dusk to dawn Indian music and dance concert, held on the eve of Republic Day and open to the public in the City, saw a large audience enjoy the performances of world-class artistes at the beautiful IIMB campus.

Prof. Prateek Raj, faculty from the Strategy area, IIMB, welcomed the artistes and audience to ‘Yamini 2023’, the dusk-to-dawn Indian music and dance concert, presented by the IIM Bangalore Chapter of SPICMACAY, on the eve of Republic Day.