Faces of IIMB

Prof. G Raghuram superannuated from the post of the Director of IIM Bangalore.

A Ph.D. from Northwestern University (US), Prof. Raghuram, had been a faculty member at IIM Ahmedabad, before taking over the responsibilities as the Director of IIM Bangalore in February 2017. He served as the Director of the Institute for more than three years, from 22nd February 2017 to 20th July 2020.

A humble and down to earth person, Prof. Raghuram, could be spotted riding his bicycle with zest on the campus roads, to dancing to the tunes of regional folk songs during regional dinners at IIM Bangalore.

Under Prof. Raghuram’s leadership, IIM Bangalore reached greater heights and has come ever closer towards its vision of becoming a globally renowned academic institute fostering excellence in management, innovation and entrepreneurship. He led the institute through several external changes like the IIM Act in 2017, changes in the reservation requirements and recently, the COVID-19 pandemic. He also focused on several internal developments like improving alumni outreach, setting up new centres of excellence, and starting new academic programmes, helping realize the potential of the institute towards its vision and mission.

Under his leadership, IIM Bangalore was ranked #1st in the NIRF Rankings 2019, #1st in India and #27th globally in the FT Global MBA Rankings 2020, #1st in India and #44th globally in the QS Global MBA Rankings 2020, among others. Amongst the numerous achievements and initiatives, a few memorable ones would be the launch of ‘Zero Plate Wastage’ campaign, in collaboration with the Akshay Patra Trust, and IIM Bangalore winning the inter-IIM sports meet, Sangharsh, in 2020.

We would forever be grateful to Prof. Raghuram for his invaluable leadership and contribution towards IIM Bangalore and would wish him all the best for his future endeavours.