IIM Bangalore awards gold medals to seven students

20 March, 2020, Bengaluru: Following a special resolution passed by the Board of Governors, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, this afternoon, 615 students from various programmes have graduated in 2020, the announcements being made today. 

While the convocation ceremony has been postponed due to the restrictions imposed on account of the threat of the spread of the Coronavirus, in order to assist the academic and professional pursuit of its students, the degrees will be sent to them.

First Row: (L-R) Ankita Shrivastava (PGP) Gold Medallist – Second Rank, Neha Verma (PGPPM) Gold Medallist – Best Academic Performance, Rachana Kamath (EPGP) Gold Medallist – First Rank andBest All Round Performance, and Siddhartha Garikapati (PGPEM) Gold Medallist – First Rank.

Second Row: (L-R) Jinit Pragnesh Dharia (PGP) Gold Medallist – Best All Round Performance, Narayan Sunil (PGP) Gold Medallist – First Rank, and Subhrangsu Mukherjee (PGP) Gold Medallist – Second Rank.

The announcements were made by Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, Chair, Board of Governors, IIM Bangalore, who joined online, and Professor G. Raghuram, Director, IIM Bangalore. 

Degrees were conferred by the Chair, IIMB Board of Governors, to 14 students of the Doctoral Programme, 27 students of the Post Graduate Programme in Public Policy and Management, 70 students of the Post Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management, 75 students of the Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management, and 429 students of the Post Graduate Programme in Management. 

Gold medals were awarded to seven students across different programmes. Out of the seven gold medallists, three are women of whom one received two gold medals.

In a simple and safe function, following the conferral, four students of the Doctoral programme (who were present on campus) and the seven gold medal winners were awarded their degrees and medals by Professor G. Raghuram, Director, IIM Bangalore, in the presence of the Programme Chairs – Professor Haritha Saranga (Doctor of Philosophy), Professor Anil B. Suraj (PGPPM), Professor Gopal Mahapatra (PGPEM), Professor R. Narayanaswamy (EPGP), and Professor Padmini Srinivasan (PGP). Board Members Dr. Hasmukh Adhia, former Finance Secretary to the Government of India, and Distinguished Alumnus of IIMB, and M.D. Ranganath, former CFO, Infosys, were present while the Chair, Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, joined in through video conferencing.

Dr. Shetty, who congratulated the students and wished them luck, advised them not to be worried about the gloomy situation of today, but be excited about a bright tomorrow. “The future you are inheriting from all of us is very tough, but exciting nonetheless. Do make the most of it.”

Professor Raghuram cheered the students and thanked them for having cooperated with this function. “Sooner than later, we may be able to celebrate your graduation in the desired fashion. You, the talented gold medallists, represent the entire batch, so do pass the message to your co-students,” he said. 

In PGPPM (Batch 2019-20), Neha Verma has won the gold medal for best academic performance.

From PGPEM (Batch 2018-20), the gold medal for first rank went to Siddhartha Garikapati.

In EPGP (2019-20), Rachana Kamath has won the gold medal for both first rank as well as for best all round performance.

In PGP (Batch 2018-20), Narayan Sunil received the gold medal for first rank, Subhrangsu Mukherjee and Ankita Shrivastava received it for second rank, and Jinit Pragnesh Dharia for best all round performance. 

The gold medallists shared that they have been able to scale their learnings and skills significantly due to their IIMB experience. 

Book launch: A report titled, ‘IIM Bangalore and Social Impact’, was launched online.

Explaining the relevance of the report, Professor G. Raghuram, Director, IIMB, said: “We believe this is the right time to document the current status of IIMB’s impact on government and society.”