IIMB celebrates 75th Republic Day

IIMB Director Rishikesha T Krishnan delivered an inspiring message to the IIMB community on Republic Day, reaffirming the institute’s commitment to the foundational principles enshrined in the Indian Constitution. Prof. RT Krishnan highlighted the significance of this auspicious day, emphasizing core values such as democracy, justice, liberty, equality, fraternity, human dignity, secularism, and national unity.

Reflecting on the previous year’s Republic Day address, Prof. RT Krishnan reminisced about the institute’s pivotal milestone – its Golden Jubilee. He expressed heartfelt satisfaction at the successful culmination of the Golden Jubilee celebrations, characterized by momentous events ranging from the inauguration by the esteemed President of India to impactful academic conferences and vibrant cultural festivities.

Prof. RT Krishnan also celebrated the institute’s efforts to reconnect with cherished alumni and esteemed former faculty, many of whom actively participated in the various Golden Jubilee events. As the festivities concluded, an upcoming alumni gathering for the Ph.D. program served as a fitting finale to this jubilant commemoration of IIMB’s illustrious journey.

Aligned with the overarching theme of sustainability, Prof. RT Krishnan proudly highlighted the institute’s strides in environmental stewardship. IIMB had significantly augmented its rooftop solar power generation capacity, fulfilling approximately 20% of its energy requirements through clean, renewable sources. He also reflected on the wisdom imparted by distinguished speakers during the Golden Jubilee festivities. Prof. Rebecca Henderson of Harvard University advocated for businesses to address global challenges like climate change and embrace sustainability. The esteemed President of India urged students to cultivate humility, ethical integrity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

In closing, Prof. RT Krishnan invoked the timeless refrain of “Jai Hind,” a powerful invocation of national unity and pride. He expressed hope for a future guided by the enduring principles of the Indian Constitution, where every individual’s rights and dignity are upheld with unwavering reverence. As the IIMB community stood united in solidarity, they embarked on a journey imbued with purpose and commitment to building a brighter tomorrow.