NSRCEL Start-up: CourseBook

CourseBook Founder: Timothy Vadde

CourseBook enables educators to create, market and distribute online courses through the platform. Educators can deliver a smooth learning experience for their learners using a host of inbuilt features like interactive live classes, self-paced courses, group chats and mock tests on the platform.

We also give educators an additional channel of selling their courses through our course discovery platform (https://coursebook.in), thereby making it easier to sell their own courses, along with advertising on google, facebook, WhatsApp and slack channels. In short we’re a Shopify for educators.

Educators do not need to rely on different platforms, to carry out their day to day operations such as Salesforce/ Hubspot for sales, MailChimp for marketing, Twilio for SMS,Teachable for delivering self-paced courses, Zoom for teaching live classes. CourseBook enables educators with all the functions related to content delivery and management, marketing and selling.

Target customers: Coaching and Training institutions, Authors, speakers, YouTubers, coaches, large educational institutions.

Why do Educators use Coursebook?

Educators have a tough time managing multiple platforms for sales, marketing, self-paced courses, payments and live classes. Any of the solutions like Teachable and Thinkific either offer 2 or more of the features but not all of them. Educators are looking for an all-in-one platform which has all these so that they can focus on delivering an awesome learning experience for their learners. Coursebook also helps educators list their courses on our course aggregator platform (https://coursebook.in) thereby generating more leads. Finally, CourseBook acts as  a medium through which to reach out to their students through various channels like Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram and push notifications.

For more details, visit https://coursebook.in/ and https://coursebook.ai

How has NSRCEL helped us?

NSRCEL has played a crucial role in helping us in moving in the right direction. Coursebook initially started off as a course discovery platform for students, where educators could list their courses through our platform and students could discover them. We made an MVP platform for educators at the backend so that they could manage their day to day operations like leads, courses and sales using Coursebook. When I started talking to educators, I realized that they loved using my platform to manage their leads, enrolled students and courses. Following which I added a host of features to the existing ones and I started charging the educators as a SaaS platform. Educators were more than happy to use and pay for it and that’s how the product has evolved through user feedback. The mentoring sessions at NSRCEL have helped us really well in making better-informed decisions. NSRCEL also has the right dynamic people which helped us grow. We are grateful to have started our company in NSRCEL.