NSRCEL Startup: GaragePlug – Touchless Auto Service Platform

GaragePlug, a touchless auto service platform, presents a one-off solution to auto service providers in the times of COVID

GaragePlug is a SaaS-based easy-to-use software for two- and four-wheeler service centres/auto-repair shops to grow and manage their businesses. It is the fastest-growing automotive technology start-up company founded and run by Automotive and Technology experts with more than 60 years of automotive domain experience in developing and deploying highly efficient and scalable software systems and platforms.     

GaragePlug was established in early 2017. It is a next-gen ERP for auto service centres to achieve operational and business excellence. It not only helps garages to manage entire service operations efficiently on the go but also helps automate customer and vendor communications digitally. The business growth modules enable them to have more and more returning customers and track them efficiently.  

Left to Right: Rohit Bhatnagar, Shubhra Srivastava and Ashish Shrivastav

The founders of GaragePlug — Ashish Shrivastav, Rohit Bhatnagar, and Shubhra Srivastava —are a team of broad professional experience and technical know-how. Ashish is an Automotive domain expert with 20+ years of experience. Rohit brings his expertise in building scalable platforms and products for over 13 years, while Shubhra is a go-getter with exceptional technology and management expertise of 20+ years.

GaragePlug is currently incubated at IIM Bangalore’s start-up innovation hub NSRCEL. Rohit says, “We have been constantly guided by proficient mentors at NSRCEL. Initially, they advised us to focus on the UAE market and expand adoption there, following which, we grew 100% of revenues in just six months. They also encouraged us to work on the partnership model in the Indian market; we are in the final stages of discussions with the world’s top Auto manufacturer for their multi-brand initiative.”

Describing various initiatives and features of GaragePlug, Ashish mentions, “Following a discussion with the mentors at NSRCEL around the current COVID-19 imposed lockdown restrictions, we have created a new product line to help closed garages generate revenue while they remain closed for service. It is a new loyalty program where GaragePlug customers offer their customers gift cards for future automotive repairs. Auto repair shops expect to have high customer demand the restrictions are lifted. Customers may not have the cash flow in the future to pay for necessary repairs, depending on how long the restrictions last. This new product is beneficial to both garages and their customers. https://savelocal.garageplug.com/. Besides, we have launched a ‘Touchless Auto Service Platform’ for garages to operate in complete touchless/contactless manner.”

The fast pace of development to bring industry-unique features based on users’ feedback, the robustness of the system and the simple user interface has helped GaragePlug to establish as the Best Automotive software solution within a short period.  The software is available on all platforms, i.e. Android, iOS, and Web with full accessibility of all its features.  As a proof of GaragePlug success, today, hundreds of auto repair workshops in India and global markets are getting benefited from GaragePlug to achieve operational excellence and business growth, and many are in the trial phase.    

“As part of our long-term vision, we are working towards building a connected ecosystem for the automotive industry, where all stakeholders (OEMs, parts dealers, auto repair shops, consumers, or vehicle owners) are connected seamlessly. We also aim to build the data-driven platform which will help manufacturers to improve the quality and reliability of their products, at the same time optimizing their supply chain,” adds Shubhra.

Please visit GaragePlug’s website for more details: https://www.garageplug.com/in/