NSRCEL Startup – Kanegi

Towards inner wellbeing

Simran, the founder of Kanegi, incubated at NSRCEL under the Women Start-up Programme, talks about her key learnings

Kanegi is a woman-founded digital company that promotes inner peace through meditation techniques from various cultures. They offer tailored flow experiences and a multi-sensory meditation booth so that people can concentrate on their inner wellbeing.

As the company’s creator and chief motivational speaker, Simran calls herself “a socio-economic entrepreneur.” She is now undergoing pre-incubation for Kanegi at the IIM Bangalore’s NSRCEL Women Start-up Programme. She claims that her main goal is to teach others how to create space between stimuli and reaction, and Kanegi’s purpose is consistent with this.

“My path from a hungry mentee to a solo founder, to developing a rocket ship, is how I describe my ongoing NSRCEL journey,” she said of her NSRCEL experience. My important lessons are to look for mentors that have skill sets that are an enhanced version of your own, who genuinely like what they do, and find a method to win them around to your point of view. I’ve learned from NSRCEL that placing a wager on oneself is the best approach to determine your talents, limitations, and ultimate goal.