NSRCEL Start-up: Let’s Be The Change

Let’s Be The Change (LBTC)​ is a non-profit organization which aims to build a cleaner and healthier society by working with the people and the Government. LBTC was started by ​Anirudh S Dutt​ on 5th July 2013. ​ ​We have been growing ever since, with over 250 successful events, including cleanliness drives, awareness programmes, spot fixes, pet adoption drives and so on. We are mainly comprised of energetic youngsters whose only aim is to make Bengaluru a better place for the society. We are a bridge connection between the Municipal Corporation (BBMP) and the Citizens.

About the Founder:

Anirudh Dutt is a 24-year-old civil engineering graduate, who founded Let’s Be The Change (Team LBTC). LBTC is a non-profit organisation which aims to build a cleaner and healthier society by working with the people and the Government. Recipient of the ‘Rising Star of The Year Award’ in 2015 from the Namma Bengaluru Foundation, he founded the LBTC when he was 18. He always wanted to give something back to society. While talking to The Logical Indian Team, he said, “ I wanted to do something that will make our society look good”.

Our Vision

To be an organization of excellence in restoring and sustaining cleanliness of the city, dedication, and teamwork towards achieving a garbage-free environment

Our Mission

“To establish cleanliness and solve issues by motivating citizens to take up initiatives and work in synergy with the government”

What Do We Do?

  • We host ​“Cleanathon”​ drives (eradication and beautification of garbage dumps) in Bengaluru. We work towards making Bengaluru free from garbage dumps, one stretch at a time.
  • We conduct free ​Clay Ganapathi Workshops. In the past 2 years, over 3500 people have made their own Ganapathi Idols, for worship during the festival season.
  • We have tied-up with Precious Paws Foundation to organize fundraising events for injured stray dogs, pet adoption (stray, homeless pups).
  • On Television, Radio, and Social Media, we spread awareness about the importance of waste segregation and things that the average citizen can do to keep their localities clean.
  • In our YouTube channel, we demonstrate simple steps to keep your surroundings clean, various segregation techniques, and also have videos about traffic rules, common traffic conventions that people should follow, chain-snatching etc.

Our Products:

  • T-shirts – Round Neck and Collared
  • Pop-sockets – Warrior of change/Let’s be the change
  • Cap – Printed Let’s be the Change
  • Badges – Available in one style

Let’s Be The Change volunteering for providing relief during Covid 19

Need to buy groceries? Looking for a pharmacy?

Let’s Be The Change, a #StartupofNSRCEL is mobilizing its volunteers to connect residents to the nearest provision stores, police stations and medical stores in Bengaluru.

Click on the link https://bit.ly/blrcitymap to save the data to your Google Map application.