NSRCEL Startups

eShipz and Blue Dart Partner to Enhance First Mile Dispatch Management

eShipz, a participant in the Mobility Incubation Programme at NSRCEL, has partnered with Blue Dart to address challenges faced by small, medium, and large establishments in managing their first mile dispatch efforts.

This collaboration introduces a unified shipping API platform designed to streamline operations for MSMEs and large enterprises, significantly enhancing efficiency. By integrating eShipz’s advanced technology with Blue Dart’s extensive logistics network, businesses can now experience improved management of their dispatch processes. This partnership aims to drive greater operational efficiency and optimize the shipping experience for enterprises of all sizes.

Prachi Bhatia of Chokhat Recognized Among FOX Story India’s Top 100 Faces of 2024

Prachi Bhatia, Founder of Chokhat and participant in NSRCEL’s Women Start-up Programme, has been honored as one of FOX Story India’s Top 100 Faces of the Year 2024.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Product Design from GD Goenka University and substantial industry experience, Prachi has made significant strides in her field. She has previously received the Solopreneur – Digital Women award from SheThePeople and was featured among India’s Top 50 Women Icons of 2022 by the Global Triumph Foundation.

Chokhat, Prachi’s start-up, specializes in home décor and gifting options, offering unique and elegant products to its customers.