NSRCEL Startups: DigiSec360

Incubated at NSRCEL, IIMB as part of the Women Startup Program, DigiSec360 was founded by Nanda Chougule who believes in the ethical use of technology in today’s cyberspace. DigiSec360 is a cybersecurity firm enabling organizations to manage their cybersecurity effectively.

It offers comprehensive solutions covering the three tenets of cybersecurity: PEOPLE, PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY. DigiSec solutions assess, analyze, prevent and protect organizations in the ever-expanding cyber threat landscape.

The incubation opportunity at NSRCEL opened gates to a world of entrepreneurship with intense mentorship sessions as part of the Women Start-up Program. NSRCEL helped Nanda to convert her passion into the business through MVP and early customer traction, thereby laying a strong foundation for DigiSec360. Right from pricing to branding to marketing, the mentorship helped in every step. The Centre has also been instrumental in forging a strategic partnership with an Israel cyber-security firm. From Idea to early customer traction, in the last 6 months, DigiSec360 acquired 10+ B2B customers including financial institutes and SMEs. The Team is currently working with the Karnataka CID cybercrime department (CCITR) to deliver a cybercrime analytics solutions and cyber-safety awareness training to police officers.