NSRCEL Startups: PROSOC Innovators Pvt. Ltd.

PROSOC Innovators Pvt. Ltd. is a start-up recognized by DIPP Government of India, intending to design and develop innovative products and services of social importance to empower people at the bottom of the pyramid. PROSOC is an incubate company of Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre of IIT Kanpur, NSRCEL Incubation Centre of IIM Bangalore and INVENT Social Incubation Program supported by Technology Development Board, Government of India, Villgro and UK AID.

PROSOC is an acronym for “PROducts for SOCiety”. Its website is www.prosoc.co.in

Eshan Sadasivan is the Founder and Director presently pursuing PhD in Social Entrepreneurship through Product Design from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Currently, PROSOC is working on 2 products in 2 different domains namely, education and livelihood.

In the education domain, PROSOC has designed and developed DESKIT, a study companion for underprivileged students who lack basic study infrastructure in schools and at homes. It is a unique combo of a lightweight school bag and an ergonomic, fold-able, lightweight, portable and detachable table. The design registration number of DESKIT is 287945. Children can carry DESKITs to schools and also use them at homes to read and write comfortably, maintaining a proper body posture. Till now, over the last 3 years more than 2,00,000 school children are happily using DESKITs across 16 different states in India. A successful pilot project has been implemented in Iraq and Kurdistan refugee camps to support post-war rehabilitation scenarios. Other markets like South-East Asia, Africa and Lain America are being explored. Also plans are in progress to expand DESKIT business through retail mode by collaborating with well- known cartoon characters like Chota Bheem and shopping brand chains like The Big Bazaar.

In the livelihood domain, PROSOC is conducting rigorous R&D to bring out a compact, low-cost paper carry bag making machine [PBMM] to create numerous employment opportunities in the bottom-of-pyramid and there by mass produce eco-friendly and bio-degradable paper carry bags. The patent registration number is 772/DEL/2015. Initial pilot project shall be launched in MARCH 2020 with the help of CSR support from ONGC.

DESKIT – Design and Innovation at work:

The Founder:
I am Eshan Sadasivan, Founder and CEO of PROSOC Innovators Pvt Ltd.
Being an Electronics Engineer and a Product Designer by education, I founded PROSOC with a vision to establish a social enterprise and empower people at the bottom of the pyramid.
Along with leading PROSOC in its efforts to create a change in the society, I am also pursuing my PhD in the field of Social Entrepreneurship through Product Design from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Website: http://www.prosoc.co.in/