NSRCEL Startups: SharePal.in

Akashdeep Chhabra and Rushi Narang

It is often said that, ‘Food is what fills your stomach but Travelling is what fills your soul’; SharePal is a venture that will make sure that your soul never goes hungry!

To begin with the basics, SharePal is a travel gear rental startup that is known to provide the best rentals to its customers. SharePal is a startup is part of the latest cohort of pre-incubation program, Launchpad at NSRCEL.

We at SharePal, provide Trekking, Camping and Riding Gear along with Luggage Bags and GoPro’s on rent. But we are much more than what meets the eye; we are a team of dedicated travel enthusiasts who not only provide the best customer service but sincerely care about every user of ours and their experiences & safety. The founders of the company are globetrotters themselves and so are the employees. We understand what kind of liberty and rejuvenation is instilled in one’s mind, body and spirit when one travels the world and we want more and more people to experience this wonderfully wonderful world. ‘Because Experiences Matter More’, our tagline has also been inspired by this vision of ours. 

Apart from this, we understand how difficult it must be for the middle-class strata to buy the ridiculously expensive gear just to go on a travel expedition, once or maybe twice a year. Spending one’s hard-earned money on stuff that won’t be used for more than 2 weeks a year is just a sheer wastage. This real-life dilemma is what inspired our mission which is to cut down the cost of traveling by 80% via the concept of a sharing community and we have successfully helped thousands of travelers save Lacs of Rupees. We have a vast inventory that includes gear for every place, every altitude, every season and every temperature. On top of this, we also want our Sharers to record every memorable second of their voyage by giving them GoPro’s on rent. We have succeeded in cutting down costs of our traveler’s trips enormously. This along with the quality of our products, team, and brand is evident in the many Google & Facebook Reviews we have received.

We have also just step our foot into the e-bike renting business. The main reason behind this was to give people a vehicle that avoids the traffic and also saves the environment which is and must be a high priority for each and every one of us. These bikes are maintained by us and the user will just have to pay a very affordable monthly or yearly subscription. This is highly suitable for people who live in the Tech cities of our country. We believe that just like every other area this newly introduced segment will also be loved and supported by our travelers. 

In these 2 years of SharePal, we have served more than 8000 customers and have helped them to save more than 5Cr! We began with a few luggage bags in Mumbai and now we are present in 6 cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad. We feel extremely blessed to have grown so rapidly and so tremendously with the hard work and dedication of our employees along with the love of our beloved traveler’s community. We expect to provide our services all over India within a few years.  We are so glad that people have accepted this concept and idea of ours and made us what we are today. We thank every single one of our traveler who is the reason behind SharePal’s success!

Website: https://sharepal.in/

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