Students Corner

This section covers all the creative literature penned down by the talented IIMB students. This month’s edition comprises of poems in both Hindi and English.


Bhuli Si..

Bhuli si yaha kai baat hai
Dhuye mein lipti apni har raat hai
Aage jo seekhna hai
Wo diary hai ya kitab hai
Yaha har din bass ek hisab hai
Padh rahe hum, lad rahe hum
Aur uss aakhiri panne par sab jawab hai
Pahuchenge jab uss aankhri panne par hum
Samjhenge tab, kitni chhoti hai
Aazadi ki ye rakam

-Ajay Kumar
PGP 2019-21


How do you perceive these showers?

A thousand of joys, the one who empowers.

But do you pry behind the veil of that silver lining?

It is indeed the Almighty, relentlessly crying.

“The God’s cry”, doesn’t it sound surprising?

I confess it is, but it’s not so astonishing!

Amidst the hue of excitement of men,

I mutter: The God’s crying, am I sane?

Yes, I am.

Tired by wars, murders, thefts and clashes;

Worried by the direction in which ‘a mortal’ progresses.

Was sent on the earth for peace and progress,

But pierces his kins in the name of success.

Dailies sizzle with pomp and blood,

No corner in this world, left without a tint of mud.

Overburdened by the weight of corpses he buries;

The Mother shivers, the Almighty cries.

That “liquid in crimson” has been rendered so cheap,

It is sucked mercilessly in lieu of wheat.

A little chap asked me the source of this “liquid form of ice”;

I replied in agony: “My brother, it’s indeed anger pouring form God’s own eyes…”

-Jinit Pragnesh Dharia
PGP 2018-20


From the stonewalls to the flowery campus

The welcome smile and the opened arms

From the night walks of solitude to the loud music at Lsquare

There is a long time till 11.59.59.

Friends and section love galore;

Help is always there if you ask for.

Connection strings are organic bonds,

Red sky takes care, fear absconds.

Diversity at its peak,

From Bong bird to saint mystic.

Home to all and none left out,

NDR register will keep the count.

Classes, project meets and submissions

Exams, case studies and deliverables

We loved and hated all of them,

But 432 names, etched in golden frame.

Be it all nighters or home run

Group works, free rides, no pun.

Key takeaway, as I may say,

Never lose your focus, come what may.

There is long time till 11.59.59

But somewhere Aarambh became Last Lecture

From wanting nothing to getting everything

It is time for reality bee to sting.

B316 & B202, my adobe, my yellowstone

With best minds, in 2years, skills honed.

First time hostel, first time abroad

Lots of firsts, struck the right cords.

As I look back, it’s been a joy ride

Fast and furious with a Cinderella twist.

From engaging in wars to flying in udaan,

Time has flown, falling sand from grip.

You humbled me, you made me strong

You believed in me when I did not

You stressed and strained me hard

You took me up when I was down.

All my devotion, all my love

I give you, oh my beautiful campus.

Blessed, I am to be part of you

IIMB, my opportunity wings to sail through.

-Pallabi Chakraborty
PGP 2018-20