Student’s Corner

The student corner is an exclusive section of LSquare which brings to you the literary creation, pencraft, creative content contributed by students. June edition consists of a video “Walking through Time – An IIMB PGP Throwback” by PGP 2020 students and poems penned by Ms. Yashika Mehta PGP first-year student.


Walking through Time – An IIMB Throwback

Hope in Despair

A year back from today, we were sad

For the economic disruptions, we had

Demonetisation, RERA and GST roared

Each day, the unemployment rate soared


A year down the lane, we face a dread

Pandemic Corona looms on our head

The world is marred by this slowdown

People are caged and bogged down


Waiting for a good time, we cannot rest

Let’s keep moving, striving for the best

To shape our future and clear backlog

To explore things & create a fresh log


Let this event not define our scope

And extinguish the candle of hope

For the best of times are still to come

To those prepared, they will welcome


Very soon everything will be fine

Back on track, the world will shine

Let’s be bright & positively embrace

And conquer this fight with grace


Lost and Found…

On the road, a month down the lane
On a journey, too hectic and insane
In the stone walls of the great name
Learning what it takes to make fame

Spending time with the 800 new faces
Struggling with sleep while reading cases
Spending days experimenting with new ideas
Expanding our scope, destroying phobias

Enjoying the beauty of the stone walls
Rebounding the many times we fall
Hoping in vain, if things could get mild
Fluctuating between being sound and wild

Enduring with courage and a sweet smile
We strive the ups and downs in the mile
Within the campus, a world absolutely unbound
Living this journey of being lost and found..


Before its too late..

Too busy fulfilling the needs of each day

Days, months and years may pass away

Between time to work and to reach the bed

Too late to realize turned into a living dead


Totally occupied making the most one may

And completely blind to see that positive ray

Absolutely deaf to what the heart has to say

Just hoping that things will be fine one day.


Enthusiasm and passion brutally killed away

Situations and responsibilities make life sway

Too young to be aware of true purpose of life

At eighty strikes the baselessness of the strife


Pause and check to keep from going astray

And ensure you make an amazing play

Listen and follow what your heart has to say

Live in your way before life is taken away!