Student’s Corner

The student corner is an exclusive section of LSquare which brings to you the literary creation, pencraft, creative content contributed by students. 


“It started out, so dark and cold,

Nothing could be seen.

I had nothing to hug, or hold,

Nothing brown, nothing green.

I saw nothing to relieve my plight,

All was plain ash grey.

The flood had struck that deadly night,

Everything, washed away.

Nature left no sign of hope!

All was lonely and wet.

No friends or family, to help me cope

All around, water had set.

Just as I decided to leave,

The lonely land of nothing

I suddenly heard a sigh, a heave!

A ray of hope it did bring.

Rushing to the site of sound,

I slipped, but did not fall.

Managing to stand my ground,

I saw something, lean and tall.

It looked like a large beast

I thought it had come to kill

It did not hurt me in the least

It looked at me, dry and still.

Down on me, came a huge claw,

I tried to run but, alas!

It was all in vain when I saw,

I was trapped in a cage of glass!

Now constrained and terrified,

I felt lonely and hopeless

Nothing but glass on each side

Everything inside, a wet mess.

Suddenly my trap had vanished

And up came the cage bar!

I flew out! Satisfied yet famished”

Said the bug in the water glass jar.

Sunali Panda
PGP 2019-21


नाम अपना आसमां को छुएँ,
हर एक की तमन्ना होती है।
रहे सारी दुनिया से आगे,
पर ख्वाहिशें सभी की कब पूरी होती है।

पर जो हो अगर होंसलों में शिद्दत,
तो झुक जाता है आसमां भी,
निकल पड़ें जो राहों में,
बन जाता है कारवां भी,
करें जो डटकर सामना परिस्थितियों का,
हर मुश्किल आसान उनकी होती है।

तूफानों में भी उनकी कश्तियांँ,
किनारा ढुंढ ही लेती है।
किसी से भी पीछे रह जाना,
हार नहीं होती है,
पर बीच राह में रूक जाना,
सफलता को स्वीकार नहीं होती है।

पाता है वो ही अपनी मंजिल,
क्योंकि, कोशिशें किसी की विफल नहीं होती है।

Swayam Tibrewal
PGP 2019-21

To a Greater Cause

In times of crisis, we ask to unite
Stand together and face the fight
To forget all wrongs and mistakes
In view of the larger lives at stake

What if tomorrow is just the end?
And it’s the last message to send
Will we still hold little big grudges?
Or fill all gaps with new bridges

Perhaps the answer looks obvious
Still we live in a manner oblivious
We let our egos rule many actions
And create undesirable situations

Today we crib of an external disease
But since years we ‘ve added unease
To our lives with many petty big fights
On self-created notion of what’s right

In our struggle to charter our journey
Have we overlooked peace & harmony?
We need to ask – In trying not to bother
Are we there to stand for each other?

Times of crisis are full of uncertainties
Test is – can we forget all differences?
Tough times can take anyone for a ride
What matters is are you by their side!

Yashika Mehta
PGP 2019-21